Wayne Cook
January 17, 2007
The Coast High Performance Street Fighter 347 is shown here. It's the most popular displacement size for a short-deck stroker engine. This engine has the optionally available AFR cylinder heads.

Coast High Performance
Coast High Performance is famous for its line of Street Fighter stroker engines. The company offers this 347ci short-deck crate engine, while the 351Windsor-based crate engines are available in 393 and 427 displacements. At Coast there are several different performance levels: Street Fighter GT, Street Fighter, Street Fighter Pro Street, and Dominator. Let's look at a Street Fighter 347 and a 427 Cobra Classic.

Engine Name: Street Fighter 347
Displacement: 347 ci
Block: Ford 5.0 roller
Cylinder Heads: Edelbrock Performer
Crank: Cast steel
Piston/Rod: Probe SRS Pistons/ Ford rods
Induction: Manifold extra
Warranty: 2 years/unlimited miles
Price: $4,799.99
Coast High now offers this animalistic 427W Cobra Classic engine. Cylinder heads are Edelbrock and induction is Victor Jr.
Engine Name: 427 Cobra Classic
Displacement: 427 ci
Block: Ford 351W
Cylinder Heads: Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Crank: Cast Steel
Piston/Rod: Probe SRS forged pistons/Probe machined beam rods
Induction: Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Warranty: 2 years/unlimited miles
Price: $9,499.99($10,299.00 polished)

D&D Motorsports
D&D Motorsports was founded in 1996, and in that time it has become a mainstay supplier to the Ford Mustang racing world.

Engine Name: 327/425hp Comp Hawk Long-Block Assembly
Displacement: 327 ci
Block: 5.0 Ford roller
Cylinder Heads: TFS or Pro Top Line
Crank: 5140 forged steel
Piston/Rod: Forged pistons/4340 forged-steel H-beam rods
Induction: Extra
Warranty: Per-case basis
Price: $4,295.95
Engine Name: 408 Comp Hawk 725hp Long-Block
Displacement: 408 ci
Block Type: Ford 351W Sportsman
Head Type: AFR or Pro Top Line
Crank Type: 4340 forged steel
Piston/Rod type: Forged aluminum pistons/forged steel H-beam rods
Induction type: Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake/Demon carb
Warranty: Per-case basis
Price: $12,595.95

D.S.S. racing
D.S.S. now offers complete engine assemblies for the performance enthusiast or racer who's looking for more than just a basic long-block. The company understands that not everybody has the time, expertise, or tools to build their own engine, so it has "plug and play" combinations for any application and will fit each customer's specific needs with only the best that D.S.S. and the aftermarket has to offer.

Engine Name: Hi-Rev 331
Displacement: 331 ci
Block: Ford 5.0 roller
Cylinder Heads: TFS Twisted Wedge
Crank: Nodular iron
Piston/Rod: Forged aluminum pistons/ 4340 I-beam rods
Induction: Edelbrock Victor Jr./ Holley 750-cfm carb
Warranty: 6 months/limited
Price: $9,574.95
Engine Name: 410 Pro Bullet
Displacement: 410 ci
Block: Ford 351W
Cylinder Heads: AFR 225
Crank: Nodular iron
Piston/Rod: D.S.S. forged pistons/forged I-beam rods
Induction: Extra
Warranty: 6 months/limited
Price: $7,049.95