Jim Smart
August 9, 2007
Lifter bores are chamfered for smooth installation and operation. They have also been honed for improved oil control.

Heads Up!

  • Vintage '70 302 two-barrel car castings (D0AE or D0OE castings)
  • 1.94/1.60-inch valves
  • Bronze guides
  • Hardened exhaust valve seats
  • CNC-ported for improvements in airflow
  • MCE advanced port and bowl work by hand
  • GE Glyptal 1201 coating inside
  • Comp Cams 1.7:1 roller rocker arms and guide plates
  • ARP rocker-arm studs
  • Comp Cams one-piece push rods
  • Bumpstick Be-Bop

  • Comp Cams (PN 35-320-8) grind number FW XE264HR-12
  • Designed for '82-'95 5.0L with 351W firing order
  • Gross valve lift: 0.544 intake, 0.544-inch exhaust
  • Duration at 0.006-inch: 264 intake, 270 exhaust
  • Valve timing at 0.006-inch: 24 BTDC intake (open), 60 ABDC (closed); 71 BBDC exhaust (open), 19 ATDC (closed)
  • 108-degree intake center angle
  • Duration at 0.050-inch: 212 intake, 218 exhaust
  • Lobe lift: 0.32-inch intake, .032-inch exhaust
  • 112-degree lobe separation with a 43-degree valve overlap
  • Recommended Comp Cams valve springs (PN 986-16)
  • Induction
    Marvin goes back to basic high-school physics. Engines are air pumps, he tells us. The power made is directly affected by how much air and fuel we can huff and ignite in the combustion chambers. Induction is the all-important beginning of this process. Marvin opted for the new Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap intake manifold, which offers all of the same features as the Performer RPM, as well as getting the manifold runners off the engine for a cooler intake charge. Marvin has also chosen a 750-cfm Holley carburetor with vacuum secondaries fed by a Holley 110-gph fuel pump.

    MCE Builds The Stealth 331
    We've already addressed many of the important elements of power: the recipe that is the 331 Stealth small-block from Summit Racing and MCE. We've shown you the block, the reciprocating internals, the cam and valvetrain, the iron Ford heads, the induction package, and the oiling system. Now, we're going to address the many fundamentals of a spot-on engine build.