Marc Christ Associate Editor
March 7, 2012
Photos By: Lisa Murrah

We've tested almost every power adder for the '11-up Mustang GT. From wet nitrous kits, to turbo kits, and nearly a dozen superchargers—we figured we'd tried them all. Depending on your budget and how much power you want to make, there's something for everyone. But we haven't tried a dry nitrous kit yet.

So when we found out that JMS Chip and Performance just released its nitrous kit designed specifically for the Coyote, we jumped at the opportunity. We headed to JMS (Lucedale, Mississippi) to follow along as technician Chris Hood installed the kit on Charlie Richardson's '11 GT.

To find out what makes this kit unique, we talked to JMS owner and tuner Monty Johnson. "The whole goal in designing this kit is to take a stock Mustang and make it 10-second capable safely and easily," says Johnson. With an installation time of about an hour, it's definitely easy to install. But how does JMS make it safe?

Though there are inherent dangers involved, JMS has done a few things to prevent damage to your stock Coyote's internals. The first feature is the location of the solenoid and nozzle. Placing them in the trunk near the bottle leaves high bottle pressures (up to 2,000 psi) in the trunk, and it also allows the initial hit to be less aggressive.

Another built-in safety feature is the controller. Programmed to only activate the solenoid at WOT and between a preset RPM range, it will deactivate the solenoid between shifts and when the throttle blade begins to close. And since it is progressive, it ramps up on its own once it's re-engaged.

Lastly, the kit comes with an SCT X3 handheld tuner with a custom tune made by JMS specifically for the kit installed in your combination. If you already have a handheld, the kit price is $300 less and JMS will send you just the tune.

At only $1,149 ($849 if you already have an SCT handheld), it's certainly priced at an attainable level. The kit is plug-and-play, and even those of us with nominal mechanical abilities can install it in an hour or so. Best of all, the entire kit can be routed so that it's hidden from sight, even with the hood open.

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