Pete Epple Technical Editor
February 24, 2010

With the new cold-air system in place, Bouyea loaded the ECM calibration with an SCT handheld tuner and brought the 2010 GT back up to operating temperature for our after test. Not using a tune with a cold-air kit is said to cause a lean condition, but we didn't test this theory. After a few pulls, the 2010 spun the rollers to 287 rwhp and 304 lb-ft of torque, for a gain of 13 rwhp and 5 lb-ft of torque. Although these are good peak gains for a cold-air system, the gains are biggest (about 25 rwhp) between 4,500 rpm and redline. All too often we just look at peak numbers when assessing how well a part does, but since you don't drive constantly at the peak rpm, it's important to look at the overall or average gains (or losses), before deciding whether a part tests out to be a winner.

Steeda has not only designed a kit that makes more power, but it looks great too.

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