Marc Christ Associate Editor
December 1, 2009
Photos By: Staff

In the pursuit of big power on a low budget, our '93 5.0L SSP coupe has shown a serious improvement with just a few bolt-ons and a couple of old tricks. Last issue, we advanced the timing; installed a BBK Performance cold-air intake, mass air meter, and throttle body; swapped our stock-length belt for a short-belt, and iced the intake. For less than $600, we made 44 rwhp and 58 rwtq. Quarter-mile e.t.'s dropped from 14.522 at 97 mph to 13.669 at over 103 mph. We were very pleased.

However, like other gearheads, we wanted more. Sticking to our theme of low-cost upgrades that most 5.0L Mustang owners can install themselves, we narrowed our options to a few basic options. We could add a nitrous kit, port the existing heads and the intake, or replace the cylinder heads altogether. Even though the GT-40P cast-iron heads that we were running are better performing than the stock E7s, they left a lot to be desired compared to aftermarket aluminum heads.

With the manufacturing and sale of budget small-block Ford cylinder heads in recent years, many buyers are opting for the less-expensive alternative to higher-cost traditional products. To regain market share, some companies like Edelbrock have jumped into the budget market as well. This summer, Edelbrock introduced its new small-block Ford aluminum cylinder head dubbed "E-Street." Since the E-Street is manufactured in the same facility as its Performer and Performer RPM, and with the same A356 aluminum, you can expect the same quality and workmanship as all other Edelbrock products.

Since the E-Street heads fit our theme, we ordered a pair. They come completely assembled with either 1.90 (PN 5023) or 2.02 (PN 5025) intake valves, and retail for $973.95 a pair. We chose the 1.90 valves. Edelbrock also sent a gasket kit (PN 7364), head bolts (PN 8552), 1.6 roller rockers (PN 77780), and head-bolt bushings (PN 9680).

Additionally, we were still running the stock fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator, so we were nearly at the end of our rope in the fuel delivery department, and didn't want to run lean with our new heads. To prevent this, we made a call to BBK Performance for a 255-lph pump (PN 1607), an adjustable fuel pressure regulator (PN 1706), and a fuel pressure gauge (PN 1617).

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