Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
November 1, 2009
While the factory throttle body is good, we've increased the airflow through the engine with our other mods, so a larger throttle body will remove the restriction that the factory piece now poses.

Hand-Held Horsepower
After we completed the component testing on our subject GT, Summit Racing sent us one more wallet-friendly bolt-on in the form of Superchips' Flashpaq hand-held tuner (PN SRC-1825), which retails for $349.95. The Flashpaq tuner is an Internet updateable piece that features built-in diagnostic trouble code definitions and help screens, along with a backlit screen and ergonomic case. The Flashpaq can be upgraded with custom applications and multiple tuning levels as well. To get a good idea of what the tuner could do, we removed the BBK cold-air kit and reinstalled the factory airbox. The exhaust, throttle body, and underdrive pulley modifications were all left in place.

Using the Superchips tuner to alter the factory ECM, horsepower went from the baseline number of 257.31 hp to 269.09 hp and torque went from 274.34 to 272.30 lb-ft. Unfortunately, we couldn't take advantage of the cold-air kit as we didn't find enough adjustment in the tuner to fully compensate for the added airflow of the BBK cold-air kit. Gonyon tells us that Superchips is working to resolve this and it should be rectified by the time you read this.

At The Track
With a sizeable improvement in power and torque across the entire powerband, it was only natural that car owner Nynce Tarleton would want to see what it would do at the dragstrip. Nynce's home track is Gainesville Raceway in Gainesville, Florida, and her baseline drag testing was only the second time she had ever been to the dragstrip. With the added power and torque, wheelspin is quite easily achieved, so Nynce must exercise a bit more throttle control at the hit. That's an issue easily resolved with a set of drag radials, but even on street tires, the Mustang improved from a best of 14.22 to a 13.92 in the blistering Florida heat.

Final Results
Baseline14.22 at 98.82.25 60-ft
Backup14.36 at 96.32.21 60-ft
After Mods13.95 at {{{100}}}.542.20 60-ft
Backup13.92 at 100.252.20 60-ft