John McBride
October 1, 2009
Now the upper intake manifold is ready to be mounted back onto the lower intake manifold. Make sure to reconnect all vacuum hoses before bolting the intake manifold down. A new upper intake manifold gasket is recommended when removing the upper intake manifold.

Mass AirFlow Wire Harness Wire Callouts
Red Wire-VPWR (Main Power) This wire must be spliced into pin 37 or 57 on the 60-pin main connector.

Black Wire-PWR GND (Main Ground) This wire must be spliced into pin 40 or 60 on the 60-pin main connector.

Green Wire-MAF RTN (Signal Ground)This wire/terminal must be inserted into location 9 on the 60-pin main connector.

White Wire-MAF RTN (Signal) This wire/terminal must be inserted into location 50 on the 60-pin main connector.

Time to fire it up!
Double check all wiring and everything in the engine compartment again before starting the vehicle. Before we buttoned everything up in the interior, we wanted to start the car to see how it runs, and if there were any issues that needed to be addressed.

Note the difference between the stock 60mm throttle body (left) and the new Accufab 70mm unit (right).

Please note that it is normal for the idle to be a little rough, and you may notice some slight surging while driving until the EEC relearns it's fuel curves. A couple hours will soon result in smooth driving.

We turned the key and the '88 GT fired right up! We were pleasantly surprised at how smooth the engine idled and we noticed a big difference in throttle response.

Once everything checked out OK, we slid the new EEC and wiring into place. Next, we installed the bolt for the EEC retaining bracket, and bolted down the ground wire and relay that were removed to get the old EEC out. After replacing both kick panels and scuff plates, we then replaced the driver's seat and any other trim pieces we had removed.

Wiring Note (see next eight photos): Some pre-'89 vehicles may require three black wires. If there are no terminals in the pin holes listed, you will need to add these wires. If your car doesn't have cruise control, you may have to add the speed sensor in the transmission. You'll need the speed sensor, an electrical connector, and a new speedometer cable. These should be available from your local Ford dealer. Some consider these three wires optional, but to avoid any issues with poor vehicle performance and/or EEC error codes, it is recommended that you install them.