Pete Epple Technical Editor
September 1, 2009

Forced induction is a huge part of the Mustang aftermarket. The unfortunate truth is that mod motors are handicapped with a less than desirable displacement from the factory and don't have the big-inch capabilities of their slightly larger 5.0L predecessor. Even with big-bore blocks and stroker crankshafts rapidly becoming readily available, cubic-inch limits are still relatively small compared to the mod motor's push-rod relatives.

Superchargers have become one of the most common modifications when big power and great driveability are high priorities. Whether a Roots-type, twin-screw, or centrifugal supercharger is your forced induction of choice, it's a great way to reliably add power without adversely effecting driveability.

With the '10 Mustangs now sitting in dealerships and driveways all over the country, the MM&FF staff decided to showcase the latest and greatest in the world of superchargers for push-rod and mod motors alike. Whether you're looking to add a little excitement to your daily driver or build a 900hp Z06 killer, we'll point you in the right direction.

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