Michael Galimi
September 1, 2009
The Pat's Performance Converter torque converter was slid into place and locked in.

MAF sensor systems are very effective because it can sense larger volume of air going into the engine (due to modifications) and add the required fuel needed to match the incoming air the engine ingests. The MAF sensor is an important part in keeping our cars driving nicely in all situations.

We chose to go with the new MAF sensor and picked up an Abaco DBX meter, the latest MAF sensor to hit the marketplace. The 87mm DBX MAF sensor is unique as it's the first digital meter that allows airflow readings to be taken from four quadrants due to its unique sensor layout.

The DBX is as versatile as it is cutting-edge. The meter is designed for use as both a draw-through and a blow-through sensor. Another interesting aspect of the DBX is its ability to be tuned by the end user. A program can be downloaded off the Abaco website, which allows the end user to modify the transfer functions and tailor it to a specific combination. Also, the DBX can be used on any '89-to-present Mustang as long as it's equipped with a MAF sensor.

The trans went back into the car without any issues, which is why we sent our trans to be rebuilt rather than use a core.

We again dyno-tested Silver Stealth Stang to dial-in the new meter and the larger fuel injectors. From the outset, we didn't expect to better our initial pulls of 285 rwhp with just the fuel change. The weather was also much warmer and more humid than during the baseline pulls with the new engine. But to our surprise, Silver Stealth Stang did produce its highest peak power to date at 291 rwhp. It was the extra fuel in the higher rpm that helped raise the power output.

Miele hasn't hit the track yet with the new trans in place, or the injectors and MAF sensor, but he did report that the car feels a lot stronger on the street. In his estimate, the Silver Stealth Stang's 12.85 best should be lowered once he makes a couple of hits.

Once the transmission was bolted in place, the Axle Exchange aluminum driveshaft was bolted back in.

The project is rapidly coming to a close, but we have a few more tricks up our sleeve to make Silver Stealth Stang a solid mid-12-second player. Stay tuned.