Michael Galimi
August 1, 2009
The belt is wrapped around all of the accessories and is ready for the alternator to be bolted on.

Outside of the kit, the car is bone-stock including the torque converter (it is equipped with an automatic), rear gears, and exhaust system. The car produced a very average output of 272 rwhp and 293 rwtq in stock form. According to D'Amore, that is in the middle of what he has seen from automatic-equipped S197 GT cars. The new blower provided a rather mild 7.5 to 8 psi of boost to the zippy Three-Valve mod motor. The Dynojet chassis dyno is setup to record boost, and D'Amore reported a spike to 10 psi in the higher rpm range. He attributed it to the restrictive stock exhaust system. The boost effectively brought output at the rear tires to 432 rwhp and 408 rwtq. D'Amore dialed in a conservative air/fuel ratio and low timing levels, which will provide Diane with trouble-free cruising on the streets.

In a post dyno-test report, Smitty informs us that the fuel economy is virtually identical to its stock mpg results, which is in the 20- to 24-mpg range depending on driving conditions. He notes that the car drives similar when he is light on the throttle.

Smitty is also happy to report that the shaking hoodscoop never gets old. Each morning, the scoop gives a little wiggle as the throaty V-8 roars to life. He did mention that it's hard to resist laying into the throttle when getting on the highway. The car screams to life when he puts his foot in the throttle, and the transmission shifts the gears firmly. The high-pitched whine and tire smoke that ensues makes for a fun commute--that's if he can pry the keys away from his wife.