Michael Galimi
August 1, 2009
A little shake and a lot of roll is courtesy of the Saleen Speedlab Super Shaker blower system.

In 2003, Ford brought back a familiar character in the Mustang story as the Mach 1 was reborn in the New Edge style. While many hardcore enthusiasts focused on the potent Four-Valve modular engine, it was the styling cues that helped elevate its status in the brand's folklore--specifically, the functional Shaker hood. It was the first time Ford utilized the famous old-school Mustang Shaker hoodscoop on a modern Mustang. Not only did the scoop shake when the buzzing 4.6L was fired up, it allowed fresh air to be rammed into the intake tract.

Moving forward, the Shaker hoodscoop reappeared four years later when Saleen introduced the Parnelli Jones edition Saleen Mustang. The slick car came equipped with a Three-Valve stroker engine that packed plenty of punch, and the Shaker was a sweet touch of style and performance. It was the popularity of the Parnelli Jones edition that prompted Saleen Speedlab (the speed parts division of Saleen) to explore the possibilities of building a Shaker system for its Series IV twin-screw blower, one of its most popular aftermarket parts. Last summer the company released the Super Shaker, and it combines the two popular notions of a Shaker ram-air kit and a twin-screw blower.

Twin-screw blowers are no secret to the Mustang crowd, having been around for a long time. Thanks to the Terminator Cobra ('03-'04), the twin-screw blower craze continues to thrive today. Blower companies have adapted it to the Three-Valve engine, which responds just as well to the boost as the other modular engines in the Ford lineup. We decided to get a closer look at the unique Super Shaker supercharger system.

This isn't the first twin-screw blower we've installed, but it's certainly the most intriguing given its Shaker status. The simple hoodscoop goes a long way in the retro-look department, and the supercharger goes further in upgrading the performance.