Michael Galimi
August 1, 2009
The Saleen kit was designed around an '05-'06 Mustang GT, if you have an '07-newer ride then you will have to install this thermostat housing and reroute the radiator hoses. The good news is that Saleen includes the three hoses and housing for the thermostat relocation.

Our test vehicle is an '07 Mustang GT that belongs to Editor Smitty and his wife, Diane. The Saleen Super Shaker was a perfect fit for this performance-oriented couple; Diane wanted a Shaker hood, while Evan wanted to add a supercharger to their hot rod. The blower fits the bill for both of their desires.

We ventured to JDM Engineering, one of Saleen's leading distributors, to follow the two-day install of the blower, slicing and dicing of the hood, and subsequent dyno-testing and custom-tuning by JDM proprietor Jim D'Amore. Installation was straightforward for the supercharger system--it's the cutting of the hood that we would rather leave to the professionals. The thought of cutting into a perfect hood had us cringing, but the JDM crew is well-versed in the practice and they didn't hesitate. In all, it took approximately 14 hours for the complete the installation (sans dyno time). JDM upgraded a few odds and ends with better lines and new hose clamps. Naturally, a custom JDM tune was installed in the ECU using an SCT programmer.

The results are impressive and exactly what we expected from the virtually out-of-the-box installation. Some might be looking for this combo to make ridiculous power, allowing us to go ZR1 hunting. But the truth is, we wanted to show off the system as it comes from Saleen. Cranking timing and adding a smaller blower pulley, race fuel, and a larger fuel system is a story for another day. The fuel system remains stock, without the aid of the popular twin GT500 pump combo. "Since we are installing this supercharger out of the box, the power will be limited to about 440 rwhp," comments D'Amore. The 440-rwhp output is the limit of the stock fuel pump without jumping the voltage with something like a Boost-A-Pump box. Our kit came with 39-pound fuel injectors, which are plenty for a combination like this.