Pete Epple Technical Editor
August 1, 2009
Sullivan Performance Products offers an extensive selection of parts for mod-motor enthusiasts. From dress-up parts to hardcore engine components, Sullivan has everything you need.

Mod-motor performance has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. As Ford's modular powerplant has grown and matured, its true power potential has been realized by racers, engine builders, and common enthusiasts.

It's no understatement that the Mustang aftermarket is still booming. If you can think up some way to mod your Pony, someone makes the parts and five other companies make different versions of them. Over the years, the staff here at MM&FF has gotten our hands dirty finding out what works and what doesn't so we can give you the best possible information, and help you make the right choices when the time comes to modify your Stang.

This month we're focusing on overhead-cam bullets. Building on a foundation like the Terminator Cobra and Shelby GT500 makes it very easy to make insane amounts of power. With common bolt-on performance parts, even the Three-Valve Mustangs can find the 500-rwhp range. But where do you start?

With so many choices, making a decision on your next performance upgrade can get pretty confusing. Over the next few pages we will highlight companies that have stepped up and hit a grand slam in the modular-performance game.

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