Pete Epple Technical Editor
May 1, 2009

Granatelli Motor Sports

Available Configurations
4.6/5.4L Modular EnginesAssembled Long-BlocksAssembled Short-Blocks

Further building on its winning name, Granatelli Motor Sports (GMS) has teamed up with Ken Duttweiler of Duttweiler Performance to release a new line of modular Ford crate engines. Granatelli/Duttweiler engines will be available in Two-, Three-, and Four-Valve versions for mild streetcars to all-out race machines. All engines will be machined and assembled at Duttweiler Performance and sold through Granatelli Motor Sports. "We could not be happier," adds J.R. Granatelli. "Launching our Ford engine program under the watchful eye of Ken Duttweiler brings instant credibility and peace of mind to this program, and the end user knows he's getting a phenomenal piece with unparalleled durability." GMS will also offer TFS cylinder heads as well as Magnuson and Magna Charger superchargers as available upgrade options.

Lentech Automatics

Available Configurations
302/351-Based Pushrod EnginesComplete Engines

The competition on the street and at the track is tougher than ever. Lentech Automotive now offers a line of small-block Ford stroker engines to fit just about any project. Lentech's Signature Series SBF Engines come complete and range from 345-600 hp, with a 306, 331, and 347ci offerings for the street and a 427ci version for more track-oriented vehicles. With combinations from mild to wild, we're sure you'll find the engine that fits your power needs.

Livernois Motorsports

Available Configurations
4.6/5.4L Modular EnginesComplete EnginesAssembled Long-BlocksAssembled Short-Blocks

One way to ensure quality is with micro-management. By keeping a very close eye on every phase of engine production, Livernois Motorsports has a firm grip on what it takes to build durable, yet powerful, mod motors. With a full service machine shop, cylinder-head development center, along with engine and chassis dyno services in house, Livernois will be your one-stop-shop for high-performance modular engines.

Taking advantage of the big-bore trend, Livernois is now offering 5.3L stroker engines based off the Two-, Three-, and Four-Valve 4.6L modular engines. Available in iron or aluminum form with multiple compression ratios for naturally aspirated or forced-induction applications, the right mod-motor is only a phone call away.

Modular Mustang Racing

Available Configurations
4.6/5.4L Modular EnginesComplete EnginesAssembled Short-BlocksRotating Assemblies

With such emphasis placed on horsepower in today's aftermarket, the racetracks of America have become the proving ground for companies to test parts and combinations before they are offered to the public. Modular Mustang Racing (MMR) has spent countless hours at the racetrack testing the products they sell. This level of research is the foundation for every engine MMR builds, turning its success at the dragstrip into reliable horsepower for its customers. MMR is looking to raise the bar with its new Hitman series of modular short-blocks. Designed for serious race and street applications, the Hitman is capable of handling upwards of 1,500 rwhp. If you're looking for record-setting performance from your Mustang, check out Modular Mustang Racing.

Panhandle Performance

Available Configurations
302/351/460-Based Pushrod Engines4.6/5.4L Modular EnginesComplete EnginesAssembled Short-BlocksRotating Assemblies

Whether you're looking for a mild, yet reliable, powerplant for your street cruiser or a wild race engine to launch you down a dragstrip at break-neck speeds, Panhandle Performance can help. A wide selection of pump-gas motors, designed for serious street performance with budget in mind, are available for the backyard mechanic and average enthusiast, while big-inch high-compression race mills are designed with one thing in mind: serious power.