Pete Epple Technical Editor
May 1, 2009

Dart Machinery

Available Configurations
302/351-Based Pushrod EnginesComplete EnginesAssembled Short-Blocks

Dart is no stranger to the high-performance game, and it shows in the new line of SHP (Special High Performance) short-blocks. New casting technology and CNC machining, as well as countless hours of dyno development, allows Dart to offer powerful combinations that won't break the bank. The SHP line was designed to offer high levels of performance to the average budget conscious hot rodder or backyard racer. Offering superior, yet affordable options to junkyard cores, Dart has taken all of the guesswork out of building your next high-performance engine. The SHP engines come in 347 or 363ci form and can be purchased as a short-block or complete.

Eagle Specialty Products

Available Configurations
302/351/460-Based Pushrod Engines4.6/5.4L Modular EnginesRotating assemblies

When quality and strength are at the forefront of your engine build, the components you fill your block with are key. At Eagle Specialty Products, extensive testing goes into the materials used to ensure the highest level of strength. With 10 years of research and product development under its belt before the first product was sold, Eagle rods and crankshafts carry an unmatched level of strength and quality. Eagle products can be found in many of the top race engines in many different classes all over the country. Eagle's selection and availability means you can readily get the parts you want.


Available Configurations
302-Based Pushrod EnginesComplete Engines

In 2008, Edelbrock chose SEMA to unveil a new line of small-block Ford crate engines. The Edelbrock RPM 347 line is designed with the high-performance street and race enthusiast in mind. Utilizing the Dart Iron Eagle block with an 8.2-inch deck height and 4.030-inch bore, Edelbrock employs a Scat crankshaft with a stroke 3.400-inch stroke to achieve a displacement of 347ci. With your choice of Performer RPM or RPM Xtreme cylinder heads, as well as single or dual carburetors, Pro-Flo XT EFI, or any of Edelbrock's 5.0L replacement manifolds, your engine can be custom built for your needs and desired power levels.

Fox Lake

Available Configurations
302/351-Based Pushrod Engines4.6/5.4L Modular EnginesComplete EnginesAssembled Long-BlocksAssembled Short-Blocks

As the list of companies producing stroker engines grows, it's very hard to separate the good from the not so good. Building custom engines is what Fox Lake has specialized in for the past 10 years. Every engine is built to order for each customer's specifications. All components are hand-selected and machined to meet the customer's needs and power requirements. "At Fox Lake, our hands are on every part that goes into one of our engines," states Ron Robart of Fox Lake. "This is the best way to ensure quality." Overhead valve or overhead cams, big-block or small-block, Fox Lake can build an engine for your muscle Mustang or fast Ford.

Ford Racing Performance Parts

Available Configurations
302/351/460 Based Pushrod Engines4.6/5.4L Modular EnginesComplete EnginesAssembled Long-BlocksAssembled Short-Blocks

When it comes to Ford and Mustang performance, you can't count out the name that started it all--Ford. With a long racing heritage and a serious list of racing's elite behind them, Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP) is a key player in the stroker market. FRPP has taken the performance aspect past the production line, designing and building an extensive list of engines conforming to just about any price range or power goal. With the production of the Boss block, and now the modular Boss block (and the soon-to-be-released Boss 351), FRPP engines offer a high level of performance with an equally high level of reliability. With engines ranging from stock replacement to 600 hp versions, pushrod, or mod motor, we're sure FRPP will have exactly what you're looking for.

JDM Engineering

Available Configurations
4.6/5.4L Modular EnginesComplete EnginesAssembled Long-BlocksAssembled Short-BlocksRotating AssembliesSpecializes in modular performance

Are you looking for big performance from your 4.6L modular Ford engine? Then look no further than JDM Engineering. Team JDM has engineered a 298ci stroker short-block capable of handling 900 hp, while still giving you the reliability you demand.

Every stroker short-block or stroker rotating assembly built by Team JDM conforms to exact tolerances using components built to JDM Engineering's exact specifications. A custom JDM forged steel crank, JDM spec Manley rods and pistons fortify every short-block and stroker kit Team JDM builds, so if big power is in your 4.6L's future, Team JDM can make it happen.