Pete Epple Technical Editor
May 1, 2009

Paschal Performance

Available Configurations
302/351-Based Pushrod Engines4.6/5.4L-Based Modular EnginesComplete EnginesAssembled Long-BlocksAssembled Short-BlocksRotating Assemblies

When it comes time to step up the performance in your car, Paschal Performance knows the right steps to take. At Paschal Performance, making big power is part of the daily routine and they house the fastest Eaton/IRS '03 Cobra to prove it. The list of offered combinations include a slew of 4.6 and 5.4L stroker configurations for Mustangs and Cobras, as well as Lightnings and GT500s. Choose one of Paschal's custom billet stroker crankshafts and a set of its custom rod and piston combinations for the perfect mill for your project.

Patriot Performance

Available Configurations
302/351-Based Pushrod EnginesComplete Engines

Expanding on years of cylinder head design and the newest CNC technology, Patriot Performance now offers small-block Ford crate engines. Patriot's new 347ci crate engines employs the same quality and workmanship found in its cylinder heads. Built using a seasoned OE block, forged internals, and topped with a set of Patriot's 185cc aluminum cylinder heads, add a hydraulic-roller cam and 10.0:1 compression, serious street performance is right at your fingertips.

World Products

Available Configurations
302/351-Based EnginesComplete EnginesAssembled Long-BlocksAssembled Short-BlocksRotating assemblies

The recipe of high-quality parts with high-quality machining and assembly is a great combination for powerful and reliable engines. World Products, well known for its cylinder head and block castings, works hand in hand with Bill Mitchell of Hardcore Racing Products to offer an extensive selection of high horsepower engines for race and street. The Man-O-War series of engines ranges from 302 to 460ci and is available in multiple compression ratios for naturally-aspirated or forced-induction applications. No matter what your project or power goal, World Products has the engine to fit your build.

Roush Performance

Available Configurations
302/351/460-Based Push-Rod EnginesComplete Engines

Roush, a name synonymous with Ford performance, carries a racing heritage dating back to the early '70s. After more than 30 years, Roush Performance has made its winning engineering available to the public.

Roush Performance, well known for their Ford specialty vehicles, offers a line of stroker engines for race and street applications. These Windsor-based engines feature the same machining and assembly practices that have made Roush one of the most respected names in racing. With varying configurations, horsepower levels, and sizes ranging from 327 to 588 cubic inches, we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for at Roush Performance.