Vinnie The Hitman
May 1, 2009

About Our Injectors
Injectors come a dime a dozen don't they? Often, we can find a set of 50s or even 60s on the internet for outrageously low prices, but we've often wondered just what we're getting. Sadly, some low-dollar options, which many Cobra owners tend to gravitate towards, are risky business as they often are not flow matched or even tested for reliability. If you intend to make big power and want to do so safely, this could spell disaster as we've seen plenty of meltdowns because of a failed injector.

In case you were wondering, there are basically two types of injectors--Peak and Hold, and Saturated. The former uses a low-impedance design and is often found on many European and some Asian vehicles, while the latter is used by many domestics, including Ford. Knowing that our stock 39-pounders were at their limit when we were making 471 rwhp, an injector upgrade was inevitable.

So while we were on the phone with Mustang Magic, Joey Lauzardo strongly recommended RC Engineering. For our power goals, we needed a stout injector, so we looked at the 750cc units that RC offers for the saturated-driver application, which is part number SH4-750 ($98.75 each). Roughly translated, a 750cc/minute injector shows the equivalent of a 71 lb/hr injector and requires no special injector drivers to run with its EEC-friendly 12.5 Ohm resistance.

Because Ford uses a standard Bosch-style housing for its injectors, the SH4-750 fits without any modifications. Since the RC injectors use an EV1 connector, a special wiring adapter is required to mate it to the Cobra's wiring harness, which has EV6 connectors. Luckily RC comes across this often and offers the appropriate adapter under part number CLIP-BCC for $17.25 each.

As you can see from our dyno test, our stock pumps simply couldn't keep up with the injectors as the huge RC units ran the fuel rails dry. Once we get the fuel delivery handled, we know that these injectors will be able to supply enough juice reliably for 800-plus rwhp. See you at the dyno.