Michael Galimi
May 1, 2009
Fully ported Three-Valve heads were prescribed for this combination. Groh informed us that the heads flow 322 cfm on the intake, at 0.500-inch lift.

The '05 Mustang GT that received this monster mod motor is no slouch. It's equipped with an eight-point roll bar and all the legal items to hit the track. The suspension fore and aft is prepared with aftermarket control arms, K-member, and anti-sway bar. Our test Stang also rolls on Bogart "big and little" slicks and skinnies. The giant stroker is backed by a TCI TH400 transmission with a healthy 4,700-rpm stall speed torque converter. The rearend is fortified with a Detroit Locker differential, FRPP 4.10 gears, and Strange 33-spline axles. On the Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno, the '05 ripped 849 rwhp and 720 rwtq, sans nitrous. Unfortunately, we don't have any track times on this combo but Burcham says the car will run deep into the 9s with just the F1R huffing boost into the engine.

If your mod Stang is lacking cubes, then it's time to start boring and stroking your way to 322ci. The Boss is certainly back!