Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
April 1, 2009
Photos By: Bob Watson, Induction Solutions
This is Edelbrock's Super Victor Direct Port Nitrous kit (PN 71852). With the titanium E3 nozzles, this system can deliver 500-plus horsepower. Some assembly is required.

Nitrous Madness!
Nitrous oxide injection is one of the best bang for the buck mods you can make to your muscle Mustang or fast Ford, and there are a lot of ways to add the giggle gas to your hot rod, from plates to nozzles, to dry and wet systems.

When it comes to adding a lot of nitrous to your engine, you can go with a plate system or a direct port system. Most EFI 5.0 Mustangs feature a long-runner intake manifold, and most plate systems aren't designed for this application. You can also run into an issue where the massive amount of nitrous and fuel has a hard time taking the 180-degree turn that most 5.0L-based EFI Ford manifolds have. Fuel puddling and backfiring can occur if this happens. In this instance, the direct port would be the best way to go.

When we ran into Victor Cox of Keystone Heights, Florida, he had problems with his current nitrous system going lean in certain cylinders, and subsequently burned up some pistons. Modifying and racing cars are what most of us do for fun, so when your engine goes up in smoke, it's time to rethink things. No one wants to repair the car all of the time.

Having had great results with Edelbrock Victor Jr. cylinder heads and the Victor 5.0 intake manifold that topped off his 331ci small-block Ford, Vic turned to Edelbrock's Steve Johnson and Induction Solutions for a nitrous system. That led to a single E1 nozzle setup squirting 150 hp. It worked perfectly, but eventually the need for speed demanded something more. It must have something to do with being named Victor, as both Vic Edelbrock Sr. and Vic Edelbrock Jr. have had a passion for going fast, and our Victor is no different.

To satiate Vic's need for speed, we called up Edelbrock's Director of Motorsports, and proprietor of Inductions Solutions, Steve Johnson. Johnson recommended a direct-port Super Victor nitrous system to provide our fix. The Super Victor system (PN 71852) is rated at 100 to 500-plus horsepower, depending on the nozzles you choose to use, and includes the Victor Pro bottom exit nitrous solenoids for improved flow characteristics as well as billet aluminum distribution blocks and stainless steel tubing. Stainless steel jets offer better longevity and tighter tolerances, and the E3 titanium nozzles are made to endure the tough racing environment. As Edelbrock puts it, it's nitrous made better. We also ordered an Edelbrock bottle kit (PN 72305) to provide us with the happy gas.

In addition to the extended amount of nitrous that a direct port system can supply, it also offers the ability to tune each cylinder. This is especially important in small-block Ford engines where the corner cylinders (1, 4, 5, and 8) have a tendency to run leaner than the rest of the octet. In a street application, this isn't as important, as there is plenty of cushion in the tuneup to compensate for this. In a racing application, where fine-tuning the air/fuel ratio is critical to get every ounce of performance from the engine, this is more of a problem, but it can be corrected by using the right nitrous jetting.

"Basically you are tuning eight individual engines," says Johnson.

The Super Victor direct port system includes 56 jets in seven different sizes. The system is designed to be run with a low fuel-pressure fuel system, usually a dedicated system. We didn't have time to install a separate fuel system for the nitrous--though it does sound like a great tech article on its own. Induction Solutions was able to provide us with a different set of jets to run the direct port off our high-pressure EFI fuel system.

We turned to Induction Solutions of Brooksville, Florida, for the installation, as the guys at IS have years of nitrous experience and spend much of their day plumbing everything from your average street EFI manifolds with a single stage of nitrous to one-off sheetmetal manifolds with up to five stages. They are also an Edelbrock distributor and extremely familiar with the product line.