Michael Galimi
November 1, 2008

Dez did say that meth isn't for every combination, suggesting high-octane use for Mustangs that are more strip-oriented with limited street use. Case in point: A pair of supercharged Fox-body Mustangs rolled into the shop for dyno work while we were in town. Each pumped out over 20 psi of boost and made 700-plus rear-wheel horsepower. Both cars also ran in the nine-second zone at the track. Because of the limited street time, Dez said it's better for them to run on the VP C16.

Cost aside, both high-octane and a meth/pump gas mix will allow your Mustang to ingest more boost and run much higher timing. It all leads to more power from your equipment, and it can be done safely. Those with street-driven Mustangs should look at methanol injection, and those with limited street time would benefit from race fuel.