Richard Holdener
October 1, 2008
Not Only did Vortech install its new V3 supercharger on the Bullit, it even decided to give us a crack at the new V-Power, its ultra-high-output Mustang GT system.

Since Vortech went to such great lengths to ensure proper internal oil control of the new internally lubricated transmissions, it takes further precautions by shipping all of the V-3 superchargers prefilled. The fluid level is every bit as important as the fluid chosen or the delivery system, as insufficient fluid can limit lubrication while excess fluid can cause windage issues (just like in the crankcase of your motor). The V-3 superchargers not only come prefilled to the optimum level, but each kit includes sufficient fluid for three additional fluid changes. To facilitate the necessary fluid changes, Vortech includes both an integrated dipstick to keep the fluid at the optimum level and a unique drain system that eliminates the need to remove the blower for fluid changes. The V-3 blower casing comes with two different positions for the dipstick, depending on the orientation of the blower. These positions ensure accurate level information. The fact that Vortech cares about its customers well beyond the initial sales is indicated in the fact that the company designed a drain system for the V-3 blower that eliminates the need to remove the blower for fluid changes. The drain system featured a fitting and length of braided steel line that allowed fluid to be directed to a suitable catch can without spilling all over the area directly below the supercharger

As excited as we were about the new V-3 line of superchargers, we were equally excited to see one of the new blowers installed on a brand-new Bullitt Mustang. In fact, not only was the Bullitt equipped with a new V-3 internally lubricated supercharger, but the Mustang was equipped with a new V-Power Ultra H.O. system. What is the V-Power system, you ask?

Changes TO the V-Power kit, from the already impressive standard supercharger kit, included a larger Maxflow air-to-water intercooler. Nothing beats an air-to-water system for dropping those all-important inlet air temps. In addition to the additional cooling provided by the larger core, the new Maxflow cooler also reduced the pressure drop across the core to increase the boost pressure to the motor.

Essentially the V-Power system is a boost and intercooler upgrade for the '05-up 4.6L Mustangs that improves the flywheel power output of the stock 300hp GT motor to something near 480 hp. The power gains are impressive enough, but especially when you consider that they came on 91-octane pump gas using a stock 4.6 GT motor. This particular installation featured the V-3 Si-Trim blower. The V-Power upgrade consisted of a blower pulley change to increase the boost pressure from a peak of 9 psi to 11 psi. Keeping the extra boost cool and minimizing pressure drop was a larger air-to-water intercooler. Given the general lack of space in the engine bay, it's impressive that Vortech was able to fit anything larger than the standard cooler, but when it comes to supercharging, cooler is always better.

While the boost and intercooler upgrade were responsible for the majority of the extra power offered by the new V-Power kit, there were a few supporting players in the upgrade. Where the standard supercharger kit featured 39-pound injectors, the V-Power kits relied on 60-pounders. The extra flow offered by the pulley change also necessitated a compressor bypass valve upgrade. As we've come to expect from Vortech, all of these upgrades have been seamlessly incorporated into the new V-Power kit, including the new V-3 internally lubricated supercharger. Extracting near GT500 power from the smaller 4.6 in pump-gas trim is impressive, especially since we know there's much more power to be had from the system.

Yours truly ran an otherwise-stock '05 Mustang equipped with a Vortech supercharger in a shootout for Road & Track magazine, to the tune of 192 mph at 16 psi. Run on Vortech's own Mustang chassis dyno (lower numbers than a comparable Dynojet), the stock Bullitt produced 239 hp and 243 lb-ft of torque. Equipped with the standard Vortech kit, the peak power numbers jumped to 329 hp and 309 lb-ft of torque. Once the V-Power system was installed, these numbers climbed even further to an impressive 371 hp and 322 lb-ft. All this performance is available with a one-year limited warranty, but a 3-year/36,000 mile powertrain warranty is available as an option. Talk about V to the 3.