Dale Amy
August 1, 2007
Yup, whoever wins Old World Industries' giveaway Thundertruck will be getting Ford Racing Performance Parts' Whipple screw blower as part of the deal. Inside its long-runner aluminum manifold sits an air-to-water intercooler, chilling the air charge to allow aggressive timing advance. Oh, and big power....

Recently, we've been following the evolution of Old World Industries' (OWI) Thundertruck from stock '07 F-150 Flareside into a special rig that anyone would be proud to tuck in the garage, hook to a trailer, or rip up the strip in. And someone will get this opportunity, as OWI-makers of Herculiner bedliners, Peak antifreeze, SplitFire plugs and about a million other products, will give it away in the coming months after the potent pickup makes appearances at various shows and race events and participates in Hot Rod magazine's '07 Power Tour. To transform this production truck into Thundertruck, OWI enlisted various project partners, including Ford Racing Performance Parts, Cervini's Auto Designs, Paul's High Performance, T&R Auto Body, Air Ride Technologies, Stainless Steel Brake Corporation, and Bridgestone tires.

Our initial installment documented its external makeover, a combination of Cervini's CT-Series body kit and an attention-grabbing tri-tone paint scheme, all applied by Illinois' T&R Auto Body. Then the gussied-up truck got trucked to Paul's High Performance in Jackson, Michigan, where, last time out, we detailed installation of its leading-edge suspension from Air Ride Technologies-an air-sprung, four-link, and Panhard bar setup that scores a trifecta by radically improving looks, ride, and handling.

Now it's time to open the hood and get down to the serious work of dialing up the thrust. And what better way to do so than with FRPP's intercooled Whipple-manufactured twin-screw blower. Available in both black crinkle and polished versions, this kit (PN M-6066-F105) went on with surprising ease, given that it's intercooled, and produced some whopping power increases. Feel free to look ahead at our dyno results. We'll have a sandwich while we wait for you to come back.

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