Frank H. Cicerale
August 14, 2007

Step By Step

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Mmfp_0612_01z Nitrous_kits Mmfp_0612_02z Nitrous_kits Applied_nitrous_technology
Applied Nitrous Technology
Applied Nitrous Technology offers custom-built nitrous kits from mild to wild. Owner Jeff Prock has done nitrous kits for many heads-up racers, including the legendary Chuck Samuel. While Applied's nitrous kits are mainly geared toward the hard-core racer, its EFI and carbureted fogger systems are individually assembled and installed for maximum performance. Contact Applied Nitrous Technology for pricing and applications.
Mmfp_0612_03z Nitrous_kits Cold_fusion_nitrous
Cold Fusion Nitrous
Cold Fusion Nitrous has a plethora of kits available for Mustang owners looking to put their car on a performance enhancer. While the engine option you have will limit which kit will be avail-able for use, Cold Fusion has both plate and direct port systems that will give your Pony anywhere from a 75 to 350hp kick in the pants. The company's 4.6 Two-Valve plate kit and 4.6 Three-Valve plate kit come complete with bottle, solenoids, and hardware, and can be ordered in either 75-175hp or 75-300hp forms. The Three-Valve kit goes for $675, while the Two-Valve kit will set you back $600. Cold Fusion also has a wet kit for '87-'03 Mustangs. As is the case with the 4.6 plate systems, the wet kit is available in the same horsepower ranges. It is priced lower than the plate kits at $459.95.
Mmfp_0612_04z Nitrous_kits Edelbrock
Edelbrock HAS many types of nitrous systems available to Mustang owners, including wet, dry, direct port, and plate systems. The one that caught our attention is the EFI dry system offered to owners of '03-'04 Cobras. The kit, PN 70404, gives an extra 80-100 hp to the already potent snake by injecting the nitrous directly into the intake stream. Fuel is supplied through the stock injectors, with additional fuel coming in the form of either an increase of fuel pressure or by a change in the duty cycle of the injectors. The kit comes complete with bottle, mounting hardware, electrical connections, solenoids, and associated lines. Contact Edelbrock for pricing.

When it comes to going fast, spending your hard-earned cash to buy the latest and greatest speed parts is no laughing matter. That is, unless you're thinking about hooking up the giggle gas to your Mustang or fast Ford. In that case, the laughing will come when you beat up that pesky Camaro after activating the shot of nitrous oxide you stealthily hooked up.

In this day and age, enthusiasts need to stretch every last dollar to make their cars perform. Horsepower per dollar is a great way to establish a basis of how much it will cost to go fast. Sure, the rumble of a lopey cam, the quiet power of a turbo, or the whistle from a supercharger sounds cool and is sure to turn heads at a stoplight or in the parking lot of your local cruise night. But when it comes right down to it, who can argue spending money on a complete nitrous kit and having an extra 25-350 hp on tap for a relatively cheap investment?

Affordable performance is what we're all about at MM&FF, so check out these bolt-on nitrous kits designed to get you ahead of the pack.

Nitrous Express
Put the express behind your Pony with the Shark S.H.O. system from Nitrous Express. Billed by the company as the single-nozzle nitrous system with the highest power output, the Shark system is good for 400 hp when activated. The kit comes with a 10-pound bottle, an extra-long stainless feed line, a 0.125-inch-orifice solenoid, a wide-open-throttle (WOT) switch, the Shark S.H.O. nozzle, and all electrical components. Nitrous Express also offers the kit with smaller and larger bottle sizes ranging from 5 to 15 pounds. Contact Nitrous Express for pricing.

Nitrous Pro-Flow
Anyone who follows the Fun Ford circuit knows about Ronnie Wilson. He uses a Nitrous Pro-Flow system to turn on the win-light on a routine basis. With that in mind, we took a look at the catalog to see what kind of go-juice Nitrous Pro-Flow offers for the street enthusiast. If you're looking for an easy, no-frills way to add 150 hp to your Mustang, then Nitrous Pro-Flow's Universal EFI wet system is right up your alley. Priced at $695, the kit incorporates the company's new V-Force 2 nozzle and programmable TPS activation system to add 25-150 ponies to your 5.0 or 4.6 Ford. The nozzle is designed specifically for systems like this which inject the nitrous in the upstream flow of the intake tract. This leads to better cylinder to cylinder distribution, and ultimately hassle-free use. Contact Nitrous Pro-Flow for pricing.

The Nitrous Works
A subsidiary of Barry Grant Inc., The Nitrous Works has many kits to choose from depending on engine choice and application. The coolest kit we saw was the Ford EFI kit for the '86-'93 5.0 Fox-body folks. This kit is a single-stage, non-adjustable plate system that is compatible with OEM engine components and is a direct bolt-on. The kit features a 70mm plate with a freeze-free spray bar that will add up to 125 hp.The best part of this kit is that it does not require additional fuel-pressure regulators. The kit comes complete with the plate, solenoids, lines, filter, hardware, installation instructions, 14-feet of 4-AN stainless steel bottle feed lines, and a 10-pound bottle. Contact The Nitrous Works for pricing.

Speedtech Nitrous
Speedtech Nitrous' offerings mostly surround the easy-to-install plate-type system. The company has many systems, though most revolve around the 4500- and 4150-style four-barrel carburetors. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, however, as Speedtech is developing a system for the new S197 T-equipped cars. Contact Speedtech for pricing.

Venom Performance
Venom Performance has a really interesting nitrous kit in its VCN-2000 programmable nitrous system. Made for '86-'00 Stangs, the kit can be set up for either the 4.6 mod motor or the 5.0 pushrod engine. The kit comes complete with everything needed to hook up the nitrous and start smoking those annoying GM and import contestants. The feature that makes this kit different from others is that the user can plug the nitrous controller into the serial port and, using the software that comes with it, generate three different nitrous profiles on a laptop that can range from mild to wild. This is a great system for those who have experience tuning with nitrous. Contact Venom Performance for pricing.

Don't Forget...
Just because you order the nitrous kit of your dreams doesn't mean you can simply bolt it up and set your engine on "kill." There are a few things you should consider before letting the WOT switch activate for the first time.

Let's start with the basics. Nitrous is great for making a car fly, but it can also destroy your powerplant if the tune-meaning the ratio of nitrous, air, and gasoline-is off. Before you let the hoops hang, make sure the ignition timing is adjusted accord-ingly. For systems featuring a 25-75hp increase, a timing adjustment might not be needed. But up the horsepower ladder-ideally from 75 hp and up-a good rule of thumb is to retard the timing 1-2 degrees for each 100hp increase. Too much timing can lead to disastrous detonation and scattered internals.

Also, make sure the spark plugs are switched out for ones that have a colder heat range. This will help keep the engine out of detonation when the laughing gas is introduced to the combustion chamber.

Finally, make sure the amount of nitrous injected into the cylinders is matched with the appropriate amount of fuel. Too much nitrous and not enough fuel will lead to a lean condition and a big mess in a short amount of time.

Keeping bottle pressure consistent is yet another key ingredient to not only going fast, but going fast consistently. Cold Fusion's flow tool (PN CFM-2300) is great for measuring and setting fuel system pressure. In addition, Nitrous Express' fully automatic bottle warmer with gauge (PN 15939) is an awesome way to put and keep heat in the bottle. Take it from us, using a propane torch to heat the bottle before a run is a pretty easy way to get yourself hurt.

The easiest way to step up horsepower within a nitrous kit is by swapping the nitrous and fuel jets. Edelbrock's Master Jet Kit (PN 73003) contains 328 jets ranging from 0.018 to 0.120 inch. For even more power, consider a purge kit, which allows you to purge any air from the lines when the system is opened up. NOS' NTimidator illuminated LED purge kit is a good way to keep the destructive force of nitrous under control and look cool doing it. The kit (PN 16033) releases a 4-foot plume of juice into the air that is lit by the LED light so the fans in the stands can gawk at the awesome power of the laughing gas. To release some pressure in the bottle, don't forget to pick up Nitrous Pro-Flow's blow-down tube (PN 307600).

Finally, consider ordering Nitrous Works' safety system (PN 16001). It disables the nitrous system immediately if there is a drop in fuel or oil pressure, or if the nitrous solenoid is leaking or stuck in a wide-open position with the WOT switch closed.