Keith Keplinger
January 21, 2011

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The last BG induction system we tried was the long-awaited "BadMan" 675. It's probably one of the most unique looking carburetor systems that you can bolt onto your Ford. On the dyno, the BadMan made its peak torque of 407.1 lb-ft at 4,500 rpm, and peak horsepower of 398.9 hp arrived at 5,800. With a similar torque curve to the 650 Demon, the BadMan stood out at the top end, offering more power past 5,500 rpm than all of the other induction combinations. In this area, we noticed that the horsepower leveled off, which probably means we've found the limit of the camshaft that we are using. Had this engine been designed for a higher rpm range, the BadMan would likely have kept making horsepower.

For this test, the BadMan on the AeroRam Intake won the horsepower race, edging out the Demon 650 carb/AeroRam combination. The peak torque "champ" was the 650 Demon on the Performer RPM manifold, though the BadMan 675 did offer a similar average number. In the end, the absolute numbers here are really a reference for a 347ci small-block engine combination. Your cylinder head and camshaft choice may offer slightly different results. After reviewing the information here, you should be able to make a better decision for that project in your garage.