Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 2009
Photos By: Greg Clark
The Bassani V-6 dual exhaust kit is a great solution for those wanting the look of dual tailpipes, a deeper exhaust note, and simple installation. All told, our install took about two hours using hand tools and a lift. Figure three hours for DIY installation on your back in the driveway.

Tech | Dual Exhaust Upgrade
Let's face it; there are a dozen reasons why you might buy a V-6 powered late-model Mustang. From fuel economy and low initial price, to cheaper insurance and lighter weight, we've heard them all. With all the horsepower in our own garage already we could easily see a V-6 Mustang as an option for a nice daily driver while still waving the blue oval flag. But that doesn't mean you still can't personalize your V-6 ride with a little more power, better braking, some good looks, and what not. It's not hard to do either, as many of the bolt-on goodies in the looks department are the same for the GT as the V-6 (billet knobs, and such). The aftermarket companies strewn throughout this magazine also realize that the majority of Mustang sales are indeed V-6 models, so if they want to capitalize on Ford's sales figures they opt to make V-6 specific parts as well (cold air induction kits, power programmers, and more).

The one area we've not seen a whole lot of offerings for has been V-6 exhaust systems. Many companies opt for the direct replacement single exhaust kit with varying degrees of success in making it look good and sound good. The last thing we like hearing is buzz-bomb import exhaust sound coming from a Mustang, and we're pretty sure you feel the same way too, which is why many V-6 owners opt to not even touch their exhaust system.

Another "gotcha" to the whole V-6 exhaust upgrade is the rear valance. Usually running dual exhaust on a '94-'04 Mustang means pointing the tips downward or having them lower than the stock location to point straight out the rear. For the '05 and up Mustang owner the problem becomes the stock single exhaust cutout in the rear fascia. Do you put on a GT rear fascia at considerable expense (don't forget you'll most likely have to get it painted), or do you trim the driver side to match?

Begin by removing the factory single exhaust muffler assembly on the passenger side of the car. The Bassani instructions state to unbolt the muffler hangers from the body and remove with the muffler, which we did here.

The folks at Bassani have your V-6 exhaust answer under three different part numbers. The basic kit, PN 40055, is its single exhaust axle-back performance muffler kit, which you can find for about $285. The kit we're using, PN 40755, is the Aft-Cat system that splits the single exhaust into duals at the rear axle area and then uses two regular Bassani Mustang GT mufflers. We found this kit for $575. Finally, the company also offers PN 40765, which is its Aft-Cat with X-crossover that essentially converts the V-6 Mustang to true dual exhaust, which will run you about $700. So, three options, three price points, and three solutions to your V-6 Mustang exhaust upgrade from Bassani; all in full stainless steel we might add. See the photos for the basic nut and bolt action and be sure to check out our website at for video of the installed system.