Wayne Cook
August 1, 2009
Photos By: Tracy Stocker
The engine coolant should be drained at the petcock on the bottom of the radiator. Remove the intake manifold bolts using a 10mm socket. Use an extension to access the center pair hidden between the intake runners. Don't bother to remove the throttle body as it will not be reused in the blower's installation. After a careful check that everything is clear, the intake manifold can be removed from the engine, as seen here.

The Results Are In
The test vehicle already had a few basic performance modifications in place. The 4.6L Three-Valve engine had a high-performance exhaust system consisting of Hedman shorty headers, an off-road H-pipe, and axle-back exhaust system. The car also has a set of MSD ignition coils. Thusly equipped, the car produced 293 rwhp and 311 lb-ft of torque. When the Edelbrock supercharger was added, the numbers grew to 437 rwhp and 404 lb-ft of torque. Those figures represent an improvement of 144 horsepower and 93 lb-ft of torque.

2,000 125 321
2,500 172 356
3,000 217 379
3,500 265 395
4,000 305 400
4,500 345 404
5,000 381 401
5,500 418 389
6,000 426 369
6,500 437 350

Edelbrock rates the kit at 6 pounds of boost. However the boost was found to increase slightly as rpm levels grew. The boost log from the dynamometer pulls revealed the following figures.

The next area to address is the serpentine front accessory drive. The OE tensioner will be modified and components will be replaced by parts included in the Edelbrock kit. Here the serpentine drive belt is removed from the engine.
4,000 5.733 lbs
4,500 5.701 lbs
5,000 5.798 lbs
5,500 6.342 lbs
6,000 7.272 lbs

With the completely finished appearance and a consistent and reliable 144 extra horses on tap, it's easy to understand why the interest level in the E-Force blower is so high.

More Power To Be Had
If you're like us and you can never have too much power, don't worry, the E-Force blower is ready to handle more. Besides the aforementioned Competition Kit (we installed the street system here), there's the Competition Air Intake, which is an open element-style cold air system with integral mass air meter. Several pulley diameters are also available to increase boost levels and tune the blower to your specific needs, including 3.50-, 3.25-, 3.00-, and 2.75-inch blower pulleys. A set of 60 lb-hr injectors (41 lb-hr come with the street E-Force) are also available and support up to 800 hp, perfect for the Competition Supercharger kit.

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