Wayne Cook
August 1, 2009
Photos By: Anderson Ford Motorsport

Tech | Intake Upgrades
The Ford performance experts at Anderson Ford Motorsport have introduced a new EFI intake manifold for short deck small-block Ford engines based on the Professional Products Hurricane, and it's called the Anderson/EFI Hurricane. Anderson Ford-Mercury is one of the oldest Ford Dealerships in the United States and its Anderson Ford Motorsport (AFM) division specializes in the creation of performance products for fuel-injected Ford vehicles. They have a reputation for solid engineering designs which are evaluated by rigorous testing on both the Super Flow SF1200 flow bench and on the in-house DynoJet chassis dynamometer. The new EFI Hurricane intake manifold is intended for use with aftermarket cylinder heads as part of a serious performance package and is capable of supporting up to 7,500 rpm.

The first car chosen belongs to Brant Obermeyer. His '93 LX coupe is a factory air conditioning-delete car powered by a DSS 306ci short block topped with stock Trick Flow heads. Induction hardware included a Professional Products Typhoon intake manifold set, a 75mm throttle body, and an 80mm Pro-M mass air meter. The engine is equipped with an Anderson N-71 Hi-Rev cam and Anderson Power Pipe, while fuel delivery is accomplished by 30-lb/hr injectors. The ignition system comes from Mallory. Underneath the car, exhaust equipment includes Bassani 1 5/8- to 1-inch long-tube step headers with 2-inch exhaust and Bassani mufflers. The rest of the powertrain includes a T-5 transmission and an 8.8-inch axle with 4.57 gears. When the car was baselined at AFM in West Clinton, Illinois, the following results were recorded.

The intake port dimensions at the cylinder head are 1.90x1.08 with enough material present to enlarge the ports to 2.10x1.25 if you're handy with a grinder. The manifold features a rear water crossover passageway along with four corner-tapped water ports. On top of offering enhanced performance, the new intake really cleans up the top of your engine for that short-runner race car look with an EFI elbow. The intake is part number PKAF-70213 and costs $791.98. The complete fuel rail kit consists of the rails, mounting brackets, crossover connection, AN braided hose assembly, and fuel pressure regulator and fittings for OE-style inlet and return lines. The part number for the rail kit is PP-10607 and the cost is $220.28 (if you have your own manifold to convert).

To evaluate the effectiveness of the new EFI Hurricane intake in a real-world situation, AFM decided to test the manifold on two different 5.0L-powered {{{Fox}}} Mustangs--one, a normally aspirated car, while the other was supercharged. Join us out at AFM where we'll put both cars on the rollers and see how the new EFI Hurricane compares to a more conventionally configured long-runner EFI intake manifold in both normally aspirated and supercharged applications.

3,200 182.73 299.92
3,400 193.13 298.33
3,600 209.32 305.37
3,800 227.61 314.58
4,000 241.64 317.29
4,200 250.59 313.36
4,400 261.32 311.92
4,600 277.11 316.39
4,800 294.21 322.54
5,000 305.35 320.75
5,200 314.39 317.54
5,400 321.94 313.13
5,600 326.05 305.80
5,800 328.59 297.52
6,000 325.68 285.09
6,200 317.60 269.05
6,400 307.33 252.22