Don Roy
February 1, 2009

Pudding & Proof
Our victim, er .test car, was a local GT500 that had previously undergone exhaust surgery with typical results. With the OE system installed, drone is not really a big problem, but flow restriction can be. With a more open exhaust, the drone was evident-big time. So we put the Shelby up on a hoist and got to work. You can do the job in your driveway, but a hoist makes it go more smoothly. Once the mufflers were changed, it took no time at all to verify what the manufacturer claims. The sound output at idle and low speeds is quiet. You would have no complaints at all from the neighbors in your underground parking garage. Out in the open, it is another story. As soon as you get on it, the exhaust note changes to a glorious, deep and throaty rumble that has no raspy overtones whatsoever. Finally, the payoff is that when you are out on the highway, cruising along around the 2,000-rpm drone zone, there is nothing to worry about. Your fillings are going to stay in place, and "drone" is nothing more than a bad memory form the past.

The Corsa product is of full stainless steel construction and is a little heavier than the OE mufflers they replace. They are physically smaller, so getting them in is easier than getting the originals out. The polished exhaust tips are beautifully done and fit very nicely in the cutouts of the Shelby's rear fascia. There's no doubting the quality that goes into building this product, and the exceptional design delivers exactly what the company claims. Just how does it get any better?