Joe Magro
July 1, 2008

Mustang owners are a rare breed. Where most people research emissions, safety equipment, and residual value when buying a new car, Mustang owners need look no further than under the hood.

One of the most appealing characteristics of this particular Mustang, however, was that the original owner purchased a seven-year Ford factory warranty. Clearly he had planned on keeping the car for some time, but after starting a family with his girlfriend, he was forced to trade in his beloved car out of familial necessity.

Although having the peace of mind of a full warranty was no doubt one of the selling features, this meant a limited amount of modifications could be made to the car without voiding that documented reassurance. Of course, while that immediately ruled out any supercharging potential or intrusive mods that would add some serious punch to this Pony, there were other options available to squeeze out a few horses here and there.

The proud owner of this 40th Anniversary Mustang GT convertible, Dustin Woods, begins by confessing that he had not originally intended on buying a Mustang at all. "I grew up in a General Motors family," he says. "My dad has owned Suburbans as long as I've been alive, my mom has always driven a Buick, and my sister a Pontiac. I just figured I would buy a Camaro or Trans Am when I was old enough to afford one."

A combination of factors drove Woods to the decision to step away from his family affiliation with the General. "First off, GM discontinued production of the F-body back in 2002. Despite getting better engines and improved performance through the '90s, frankly I thought the last two generations were hideous." When the time came to put his money where his mouth was, Woods surprised his friends, family, and neighbors by pulling into the driveway with this Charcoal Gray Mustang. "She caught my eye as I drove past the Ford dealership," he says, "so I decided to go for a test drive. As soon as I cranked her over and heard that rumble, I fell in love instantly."

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