KJ Jones
September 18, 2012
Photos By: K.J. Jones

Once again, we're exploring the merits of a basic bolt-on performance package for '11-'13 Mustang GTs. This effort features the usual ground-level group of induction pieces. This time we're trying out JLT's cold-air, Ford Racing Performance Parts' Boss 302 intake manifold, and FRPP's throttle body, as well as Dynatech's long-tube headers and mid-pipe.

This type of evaluation certainly isn't new at this point. However, it's cool to see how the various parts affect what arguably is Ford's hottest powerplant to date--independently and as a combination, without using power adders.

For this test, we're including a bolt-in upgrade from Comp Cams that really is a wild card of sorts when it comes to Coyote performance. Our findings will be the first published results of a Pony dyno-tested with the new Stage 3 bumpsticks. There's no doubt, we're privileged to work with these new pieces.

Evolution Performance of Aston, Pennsylvania, has been a longtime ally in our work with 5.0 Mustangs and its newly introduced upgrade pieces. As such, we once again turned to Nelson Whitlock, Fred Cook, and Chuck Wrzesniewski for assistance with this landmark test. As usual, our effort emphasizes rear-wheel performance data (recorded on Evo's Mustang Dyno chassis dyno) versus elaborating on actual installation of the basic pieces.

There are a lot of photos and captions highlighting the parts we installed on Chuck's stock-as-a-rock '12 'Stang. After taking in the basics, we urge you to pay close attention to the details on Comp's Stage 3s--especially our performance findings--as they prove that going beyond the basics can push naturally aspirated '11-'13 Mustang GTs into uncharted horsepower territory.

We were fortunate to have the engine expertise of Mike Rauscher of L&M Engines and the tuning prowess of Jon Lund at our disposal for this project. The two brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to this installation and test, and we sincerely appreciate their assistance with the camshaft installation and tuning the overall package.

Horse Sense: The project featured in this report is the first of three tech conquests made by tech editor KJ Jones during a two-week, 1,200-mile junket through our nation's Mid-Atlantic states. Be sure to stay tuned to future issues for stories from KJ's marathon, which feature power and chassis enhancements for '11-'13 Mustangs.

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