Michael Johnson Associate Editor
February 22, 2012

Competing in the NMRA's Super 'Stang class, Beefcake enjoyed instant success. Knowing he was going to compete at every event, Justin knew he was the ideal candidate for the heads and cams. Beefcake's GT already served as a testbed for other performance products so his car was the perfect candidate.

The heads chosen for Beefcake's GT are RGR/JPC CNC Stage 1 units. The heads feature a RGR custom competition valve job, custom machining of the stock intake and exhaust valves, and new bronze valve guides, seals, locks, retainers, and springs. RGR/JPC has both Stage 1 and Stage 2 heads available, but for Beefcake's car, the Stage 1 heads were chosen for this test.

To go along with improved cylinder heads, RGR/JPC offers cam grinds in both naturally aspirated and blower-specific applications. JPC calls them its Stage 1 N/A, and Stage 1 Blower grinds. Remember, with a Four-Valve engine, there are four cams—one for the exhaust, and one for the intake on each cylinder head. The Stage 1 blower grinds in Beefcake's engine feature 225 degrees of duration at 0.050 on the intake side and 235 degrees of duration on the exhaust side. Lift numbers come in at 0.470-inch on the intake, and 0.450-inch on the exhaust side. Justin says the lift numbers are stock, but the magic comes from the extended duration built into the cams. The increased duration keeps the valves open longer, which allows the engine to take in and exit more air than the stock cams.

Beefcake's GT received the blower grinds because his GT features a Vortech JT-Trim supercharger system, but before we give away any more information, let's get the install, which took place at Finish Line Performance in Milford, Ohio. Beefcake is such a valued customer that Finish Line Performance's website has a Beefcake's Corner page.

Horse Sense: If you are looking for one-stop shopping, JPC Racing offers an '11-'12 Mustang GT 500hp Top Dog package (Starting at $5,795.95), consisting of a JPC full exhaust, JPC/RGR CNC‘d heads and cams, a Boss intake, a JLT Performance cold-air intake, new head gaskets and head bolts, and a JPC-tuned SCT SF3 tuner.

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Here’s how Beefcake’s engine compartment looked when he competed in our King of the Street competition. We’re only going to report the horsepower the car made with this combo, as he made further changes to the combo before KOTS.