Michael Johnson Associate Editor
February 22, 2012

When the '11 Mustang GT hit the streets with the new Coyote 5.0 engine, the news was the engine was pretty well maxed out as far as power production. Of course, that just makes the aftermarket want to work harder to challenge that theory.

Right away, shops and engine builders wanted to see if that was true or not. We know of a few '11 GTs that were freed from their heads to see if there was improvement to be had, but minimum gain was reported. Maybe our contacts within Ford were correct in saying the engine's power output was maxed out?

Always one for going against the grain in the name of increased horsepower, Justin Burcham from JPC Racing didn't prescribe to the notion that the engine had nothing left to offer. Of course, he has one of the best engine builders on his side in Rich Groh from RGR Engines. Together, Rich and Justin have put their resources together to win multiple NMRA championships, and countless wins in numerous classes. If anyone could get more power out of these engines, Justin and Rich are the ones that could do it.

As such, they put their heads together to formulate a plan for more power. The duo worked together on a CNC program and camshaft design. Once the duo were done working their magic, they needed a car to try them on. The boys wanted a proven car, and one that would get attention, and be seen on a national stage. The heads and cams landed at Terry Reeves' doorstep.

Don't know that name, huh? Do you know the name Beefcake? More than likely you've heard of Beefcake and not Terry Reeves, but they're one in the same. Beefcake is Terry's nickname. He also goes by Meat Pie, as well, but he would prefer Beefcake.

Beefcake has been on the Ford performance case for several years now in a variety of Ford vehicles. Working as a salesman at Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati, Ohio, Beefcake has the inside line on new Ford vehicles, and he's not one to shy away from putting the screws to a new vehicle, even drag racing a new Taurus SHO a couple years ago. Mustangs are generally Beefcake's choice, and as soon as the '11 Mustang GTs hit the lot, he scooped one up for his latest "race car."

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