Michael Johnson Associate Editor
February 29, 2012

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On The Dyno

To see how much power Joe's Saleen made after the heads, cams, and intake swap, we headed over to Proven Power in Tampa, Florida, so Brian Humlicek could tune the combination for maximum performance and driveability. We don't have dyno sheets for Joe's Saleen prior to the swap, but Blow-By Racing's Chris Jones says '05-'09 Mustang GTs with the additions Joe's Saleen already had are usually good for 325-330 rwhp. Of course, we hoped for a sizable gain with the Blow-By heads and cams and FRPP intake.

As you can see, the additions brought Joe's Saleen up to roughly 370 hp at the wheels. That's in the neighborhood of stock '11-'12 Mustang GTs, and the power curve keeps going up the mountain. Plus, Joe also had Pro-Fab add 4.10 gears to the mix, as well as a Hurst shifter. We'd say the playing field is much more level for him against the Coyotes of this world.

Now Level

Many times we're not able to get the comments of a car's owner after we perform upgrades. However, with Joe, we wanted to get his input on how he likes his Saleen after the swap. Here's what Joe had to say:

"The difference in performance with the combination of the heads, cams, and intake are phenomenal compared to the first go-round with just the headers and FRPP Hot Rod cams. The combination seems to draw so much power through the mid- and upper-rpm range, which is something I didn't have with the prior setup. The rev limiter is set at 6,500 rpm, and probably could have been a little higher, but getting there though the gears is a blast. I'm also glad Matt talked me into 4.10 gears, because that has made a world of difference in acceleration. I'm looking forward to putting some miles on the car to really enjoy the performance upgrades, which should satisfy my need for speed for now."

Notice Joe says, "For now." We're sure he'll be good for a little bit, but the first time he sees tail lights, he'll be ready for another round of modifications. Now Joe has only one route left, and that's a power adder. However, he has many power- adder choices should he want to go in that direction. He could choose a positive- displacement supercharger, a centrifugal supercharger, a turbo kit, or even nitrous. The only limit at this point is the Saleen's bottom end ... and Joe's wallet.