KJ Jones
May 25, 2011

Dyno testing after changes is always the most-anticipated phase of projects like this ’03-’04 Cobra cam/big-blower upgrade, and we certainly didn’t waste any time getting Miguel’s freshly modified ’03 Terminator loaded onto the Dynojet chassis dyno at AMP Performance. With our goal being to see how far a switch to hotter camshafts and a much-larger supercharger takes horsepower and torque, we evaluated the new setup using blower pulleys measuring 4.25, 4.00, and 3.75 inches. Our sights were on seeing 700-or-better horse-power from the new combination.

For this experiment, the numbers tell it all. With PCM calibration accomplished using DiabloSport’s Chipmaster Revolution tuning software and through a Predator handheld flash device, our cams/twin-screw combination (with the big 4.25-inch pulley) immediately came within 40 hp of our ultimate goal of 700. Belt slippage limited this and the two other configurations (4.00- and 3.75-inch) from showing the setup’s true hand, which we believe ultimately could approach 800 horses at the feet. (An unofficial pull with the 4.00-inch pulley netted 735 hp.) For the money you’ll invest in parts and labor, the package is a beast!

We’re firmly entrenched in a time when 600 horses is the expected norm for street-driven Mustangs, as bolt-on power adders have made reaching the once-unfathomable mark quite doable. To have a completely driveable ’Stang that puts nearly 800 horses on the ground is truly above-board, especially for Terminators with stock–bottom-end 4.6s as opposed to Shelby GT500s with fully built supercharged 5.4s.

It indeed is refreshing that despite all the forward progress the aftermarket is making for the latest Mustangs, new technology for ’03-’04 Cobras is still being developed, and in some ways, performs even better than similar hardware for later models.

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