KJ Jones
Brand Manager, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
February 17, 2011
Photos By: KJ Jones

On the Dragstrip
One of the huge benefits of working with AMP Performance is the shop's close proximity to two Phoenix-area dragstrips. This affords us opportunities to take upgraded Mustangs out and see how they perform on the quarter-mile.

The Friday-night grudge session at Firebird Raceway was our test venue for this effort. After the dyno session, the only change that was made to the 'Stang was the replacement of the stock 19-inch wheels and Pirelli radials with a pair of 315/35R-18 Nitto NT05R drag radials that were mounted on a spare set of Shelby GT500 rims.

At this time, we also discovered that the Mustang's automatic transmission would not properly upshift under WOT, a result of our failure to remove JLT's dyno tune and replace it with the Street calibration that was included in the handheld programmer used for our project. Shifting manually proved to be a viable workaround for the transmission glitch, and your tech editor piloted Dana's Cali Special on two passes.

The first pass was without nitrous, followed by a second lap with the bottle open. Unfortunately, Dana and her husband, Gregory, were not able to make it to the track with us. That being the case, we admit we were a little more reserved than we would have been if they were there and had given KJ a direct "drive-it-like-you-stole-it" blessing.

Timeslips for both runs are included. Running in Firebird's left lane and launching at 2,500 rpm both times, the 'Stang (No. 253) covered the quarter in an impressive fashion. However, had we been able to make more passes, we definitely could have lowered the Pony's e.t.s and raised mph-naturally aspirated and with nitrous-considerably. Unfortunately our NHRA rule-breaking e.t. and a 250-foot oil down by a Brand-X junkbox ended our night.

Coyote-powered, '11 Mus-tang GTs are born runners. Feed 'em a just few bolt-ons and a little nitrous, and you're on your way to owning a deceptively fast street 'Stang for a minimal investment.

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