KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
November 22, 2010
Photos By: KJ Jones

Aiming For Eights
The team at Evolution Performance's sheer determination and willingness to do whatever it takes are qualities that truly endear us to the small group of 'Stangbangers from Aston, Pennsylvania.

From the outset of this new 5.0 movement ('11-and-up), shop owner Nelson Whitlock and his righthand-man Fred Cook have been on a mission to push the shop's first '11 (a Kona Blue, six-speed manual 'Stang) to the highest performance highs on the dyno and the lowest-possible e.t.'s on the dragstrip.

Making horsepower, applying that power to the pavement, and covering the quarter-mile in record time-while it sounds fairly simple when you read it, getting all of the necessary stars to align for this type of perfection is an endeavor that takes a lot of time, money, and energy to accomplish. Time and time again since receiving its first '11 'Stang-fondly referred to as the Kona car-Evo's Pony has been outfitted with various aftermarket and shop-developed components that have made it quicker and faster. And with every change, Nelson and Fred take the GT to Atco Raceway for real-world results.

At the time of our visit, a fully built Coyote from L&M Race Engines and an intercooled Pro-Charger F-1C (yes, the same psychotic race blower that your tech editor installed on his wife's Two-Valve Pony) were the latest additions, and the team was fully focused on getting the car across the quarter-mile in 8 seconds.

While the milestone unfortunately was not reached before the deadline for this report, we're happy to report that Evolution's Kona Pony is right on the edge of getting there. As of this writing, the number stands at 9.11 at 142 mph, and we're confident that the GT will be in the 8s by the time you read this.

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