KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
November 22, 2010
Photos By: KJ Jones

Home Sense: With heavy hearts, we dedicate this story to the memory of ProCharger's motorsports director, Mr. Jim Summers, who passes away after a hard-fought battle with cancer just a few days after we completed this project. While Jim will forever be remembered as a pioneer of pro-level Mustang drag racing, we'll remember him more as a friend, and for his many contributions to the devlopment and advancement of supercharger systems for EFI Mustangs. Jim's insights and innovations with blower technology, and his sincere passion for making 'Stangs faster are part of the fiber of our hobby. Jim-we're gonna miss you, buddy, but we're comforted knowing your legacy lives on forever through hard-core 'Stangbangers everywhere. Godspeed!

With the return of 5.0 liters of engine displacement and the addition of more factory-generated, naturally aspirated horsepower than we ever thought would sit between a 'Stang's front fenders, there's no doubt that this is a thrilling time for our hobby. As one would expect, editors here at 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords are chomping at the proverbial bit to work with any and all of the new go-faster products for the '11 Mustang GTs, and we're just as eager to tell you about the new hotness for 5.0-powered Ponies.

Faithful readers know we mean business. We got the jump on all-things Coyote with our 19-page cover report ("Coyote Beautiful," Mar. '10, p. 62) on the wicked 412hp, DOHC powerplant, and then scored another 'Stang-mag coup with our exclusive report on the dyno and dragstrip performance of an '11 GT outfitted with bolt-ons that were fresh off their respective assembly lines.

We've since gained more momentum thanks to the partnerships we've established with a few enterprising Mustang shops that own the searing-hot 'Stangs. Evolution Performance of Aston, Pennsylvania, owns two of the '11 GTs in our fleet of brand-new test Ponies, and owner Nelson Whitlock and man-about-shop Fred Cook share our interest in evaluating everything the aftermarket comes up with for the cars.

The crew at Evolution is using its Kona Blue, six-speed-manual 'Stang for pushing the Coyote's overall horsepower envelope and steadily chipping away at various quarter-mile, low-e.t. benchmarks for the new cars (see "Aiming For Eights" sidebar). However, for research geared toward improving an '11's street performance-which understandably is a hot topic among new-'Stang owner/enthusiasts-the shop's auto-shifted, Grabber Blue GT is the Pony we're using for bolt-ons and dyno flogging.

While naturally aspirated steam was the theme of our initial bolt-on bonanza ("Theories of Evolution," Nov. '10, p. 56), it's now time for us to strap a power adder on the Grabber GT and see what's what when boost is crammed into a Coyote's cylinders. However, instead of building on a hopped-up platform, most of the Mustang's previously installed hop-up bits-with the exception of the long-tube headers and matching X-pipe-have been replaced with their OEM counterparts.

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The blower system we're working with comes from the folks at ATI-ProCharger, whose '11 5.0 Mustang GT High Output Intercooled Supercharger System (PN 1FR214-SCI; $5,896) is an all-inclusive, sickeningly clean bolt-in setup that easily puts otherwise-stock 5.0s in the 500hp club. (And we dig the fact that cutting and trimming is not necessary for putting this kit on a new Pony.)

ProCharger calibration engineer Nick Schmidt had all the pieces in place and our test 'Stang on the dyno in a day's time. A pre-mapped calibration and SCT XCal 3 flash tuner are included with the complete system.

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While the system is simpler in its makeup than some of ProCharger's offerings for earlier Mustangs, we still recommend you put installation in the hands of Evolution Performance or other authorized ProCharger dealer/installer when you're ready to supercharge your '11 Pony.

They say timing is everything, and in this case, that statement is fact. A previously scheduled trip to the East Coast afforded your tech editor the opportunity to visit Evolution and personally observe and photograph the installation. The following highlights of Nick's installation detail the major components of the system, and bring to light the answers to your questions about a bolt-on, street-oriented supercharger's compatibility with a stock '11 5.0.