KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
October 6, 2010
Photos By: KJ Jones

On The Dragstrip
Although we count on the chassis dyno for performance data, the dragstrip has long been thought of as the ultimate proving ground for late-model Mustangs.

After bolting-on parts and dyno testing ad nauseum, we also spent a day testing Evolution Performance's street-driven '11 Pony on the quarter-mile at Atco Raceway. As Internet-video fans know, Atco has been the official track for Evolution's '11 tests. Prior to our trip, the Grabber 'Stang was taken to the track and baseline runs were made with the car on stock tires, with factory 3.15 gearing (12.93/113.43), and in the same trim with a custom tune (12.61/114.78).

Since "what did it run" data is the thing most of you crave, here are the numbers with the car in its bolt-ons/custom-tune/drag-radial setup. This data comes directly from the timeslip of what officially is the "first in the 11s" run for a naturally aspirated '11 5.0 Mustang with an automatic tranny:

R/T 0.219
60-foot 1.870
330 5.102
1/8-mile 7.754
MPH 92.450
1,000 10.053
1/4-mile 11.985
MPH 117.300

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