KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
October 6, 2010
Photos By: KJ Jones

While Evo's flagship 5.0 Pony is awesome by anyone's standards, we're more intrigued with finding out how good a new 'Stang can be when it doesn't take the path toward becoming a drag-specific race car. Evolution shares our interest in learning more about '11 'Stangs that are destined for the street. To conduct this research, the shop owns a second '11 (a Grabber Blue GT with a six-speed automatic transmission), with which Jon has been making serious inroads in manipulating the 5.0's Copperhead PCM to unleash what appears to be tons of additional performance from Ford's latest V-8.

The more things change, the more they are the same indeed. Evolution's entry-level performance theories for the new GT are no different from those of Mustangs from years past: Maximizing the efficiency of air (intake and exhaust), fuel and spark will improve a 'Stang's performance. To see how effective those methods are, your tech editor recently parlayed a trip from SoCal (coverage of the NMRA event in Milan, Michigan) and continued further east to participate in the massive bolt-on dyno-and-track test with Evolution's street 5.0.

We took Grabber and installed the first basic aftermarket products (and tuning) that are available for '11 GTs-a Magnaflow after-axle exhaust system, C&L Products' CAI, and American Racing Headers long-tubes. This stuff is so new, it wasn't even part-numbered as of this writing. Along the way, we discovered a few interesting things about power, weight, and the all-important dragstrip e.t., which are detailed in the following smorgasbord of photos, captions, charts and graphs.

Props to Evolution's owner Nelson Whitlock, shop manager Fred Cook, tuner extraordinaire Jon Lund, and Evo's head wrench, Chuck "Broadway Show" Wrzesniewski, for accommodating our tight time schedule and giving us this landmark first look at some cool 5.0 Mustang tech concepts.

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