KJ Jones Brand Manager, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
May 3, 2010
Photos By: Steve Turner

OK, gang, here we go! It's time for our first Tech Inspection bolt-on effort with a part designed for the all-new, '10 Mustang GT.

Before we go deeper into this deal, we want to be sure you understand that the latest late-model 'Stang technically sits on the same underpinnings as the relatively still-new S197s that we've been working with since 2005. While the 315hp '10 GT definitely brings a smile to our collective faces, its cosmetic differences-inside and out-have basically created the unofficial dividing line between S197 and the '10 Mustang.

The separatism brings new 2010-specific parts to the scene, and as you probably would imagine, cold-air induction systems are among the first performance-improvers that have hit the market.

Yes, over the years, enhancing the flow of air into a 'Stang's engine has become the unofficial first mod enthusiasts make on their new rides. The CAI bolt-on project is easy enough to handle in the driveway, and has been long proven across multiple engine platforms. It's an upgrade that adds modest performance gains and aural stimulations to driving a new Mustang.

Jay Tucker is a guy who knows all about the benefits of moving a fuel-injected Mustang's intake air more efficiently. As owner of JLT Performance in Chesapeake, Virginia, Jay has developed CAI systems for every flavor of V-8 (and V-6) fuelie Mustang, and he has always been quick to let us know when a new CAI is completed, and ready for public consumption. That time has come for JLT's 2010 system, and we wanted to give it a good flogging on the chassis dyno to evaluate its steam-making potential. The kit, available in real carbon fiber (PN CFCAI-FMG-10; $699) or body-color-matched fiberglass (PN FPCAI-FMG-10; $679), is highlighted by JLT's signature 41/2-inch inlet tube, billet mass air housing, heat shield, and 9-inch-long S&B Powerstack conical air filter. There's also a less-expensive setup (PN CAI-FMG-10; $589), which includes a tube that is made of heat-resistant plastic; it can also be painted to match a Mustang's body color.

The following photos and captions walk you through highlights of our installation and dyno test of the JLT gear, which was performed at Real Street Performance in Orlando, Florida.

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