Eric English
February 1, 2009

Horse Sense: Since Tork Tech uses a number of major manufacturers to supply parts for its kits (Bosch, Lucas, Ford, and more), it doesn't control the manufacturing source for every item. Nevertheless, it's nice to know that all the items Tork Tech has specifically manufactured for this application (i.e., intake manifold, plenum, idler bracket/crossbrace, throttle body, assembly of aftercooler and intercooler, and so on) are built right here in the good ol' USA.

Consummate speed freaks that we are, the invitation was something we felt compelled to investigate. It was a call from Ron Feddema of Vancouver, Washington's Fast Specialties, asking if we'd be interested in checking out the installation of a new 4.6 Two-Valve supercharger his shop had helped R&D with emerging manufacturer Tork Tech.

With a two-day visit to the Pacific Northwest behind us, we think it's safe to say that we've seen the best blower setup being produced by a company you've never heard of. OK, so there aren't many unknown companies building a supercharger system, that's true. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that Tork Tech has put together a compelling supercharger kit for '99-'04 GT owners, and it has an obvious challenge in making a name for itself as it enters a well-established market.

The main man behind Tork Tech is Charles Warner, an experienced industrial engineer who is better known for marketing blower components for Thunderbird Super Coupes and Lightning trucks under the Magnum Powers banner. After a 10-year track record with such products, he was ready for a new challenge.

Charles brainstormed with Fast Specialties on tapping into a market ripe for a new supercharger product. It didn't take long to settle on the '99-'04 4.6 Two-Valve Mustang, as its limited displacement and modest performance capabilities make it a perfect candidate for the Roots blower Charles knows and loves. A plan was hatched with him doing the design work and Fast Specialties assisting with prototype testing. Development lasted for 21/2 years, and Ron tells us production and marketing began several months before our visit.

At $4,499 for the complete intercooled kit-the company figures it will be the most popular of four configurations-the bang for the buck is undeniably stout. Charles chose to base the new offering on an Eaton M112-derived Magnuson Generation IV supercharger equipped with a cast of impressive ancillaries, such as a dedicated eight-rib blower drive; large, single-blade oval throttle body; 42-lb-hr injectors; SVT Focus fuel pump; 90mm mass air; and healthy aluminum heat exchanger.

As mentioned, we took Fast Specialties up on its offer to show us the ropes: in this instance, installing the straightforward kit on Tork Tech's newly purchased '99 GT company demonstrator. Technician Travis Hall made quick work of the process despite our interruptions asking lots of questions, taking pictures, and so on. Ron figures installation by a pro shop can be accomplished within a day.

How about a decent backyard wrench? It's definitely doable, though it will take more time than the pros need.

Check out the photos and captions as we highlight some of the important features and installation issues associated with Tork Tech's new supercharger. While hardly a household name at the moment, our experience with Tork Tech's '99-'04 Two-Valve kit leads us to believe we'll see a lot more of this company in the future.