Travis Thompson
July 19, 2007
These are the MAC Performance unequal-length, ceramic-coated short-tube headers. The chrome-like coating on these affordable headers should keep them looking this way for a long time.

Horse Sense: Exhaust upgrades are extremely popular because they improve performance, sound quality, and even efficiency. You can upgrade your entire exhaust system in an afternoon, but you can't forget about the intake system or your tune, which often requires adjustment after serious modifications.

Five-liter Mustangs and aftermarket upgrades have quite a history. You could even say they grew up together. As a result, it's getting hard to find a nice Fox-body Mustang that hasn't been modded or beaten to death. The owner of this '90 GT did just that. This nearly stock Mustang is in phenomenal shape and has only a K&N filter in the stock airbox and a MagnaFlow after-cat.

Next on the owner's list is a new exhaust system. For a low-cost, easy-to-install upgrade, Dan Wolfson of DB Performance recommended a set of MAC short-tube headers and a Pro-Chamber mid-pipe. Together, they also decided that ceramic-coated headers would be the best for long-term durability. Dan was nice enough to let us follow along while he installed the parts in DB Performance's shop. The install went quickly and easily, and the new sound is incredible. Check it out.