K.J. Jones
June 14, 2007

Using a reciprocating saw is quick and nearly the only way to extract a New Edge Mustang's factory tailpipes without losing your wits. With the tails gone, Saul unbolts the super-restrictive stock mufflers and prepares to install the Vortex kit.

Each section of the 2-inch tubing is mandrel-bent for spot-on fitment. Once Saul has the tailpipes installed over the axles, he uses the factory exhaust hangers to secure each one; the Vortex kit doesn't require any modification or relocation of OEM exhaust-mounting equipment.

Adding mufflers is an easy, slip-fit deal. Saul tucks one of the Cherry Bomb Pro cans (PN 7414; $55/each) in place. The aluminized-steel mufflers measure 19 inches from tip to tip, and feature 2-inch offsetting inlet and outlet openings. Cherry Bomb's unique, Wing Plate design allows exhaust to pass through while trapping high-frequency sound inside the mufflers. Wing plates in action are instantly detected when the engine is fired. The Cherry Bomb exhaust sounds almost stock at idle, and it only makes its presence known-and not in an annoying or obnoxious manner-under heavy throttle.

Once the exhaust is in place and the tailpipes are checked for straightness, Saul completes the installation by torquing clamp bolts down with Snap-on Tools' cordless impact wrench (PN CT4850; $499.95). This first bolt-on gave us a 4hp increase and an additional 8 lb-ft of rear-wheel torque. We think this modest gain could have been better had we swapped the OEM catalytic converters for a high-flow, X-shape cross-over. Amount of time required to bolt on: 2 hours and 30 minutes without a lift and with two people.

This Accufab 75mm throttle body and plenum package (PN F7546K; $469) is the first part of the induction segment of our upgrades. The all-inclusive kit is a direct swap with the factory combination.

"More air yields more power" is one of the main theories in high-performance. Accufab's big-mouth throttle body and upper plenum-designed with a smoother radius and a gargantuan opening into the intake manifold-helped prove the theory is correct as we saw 16 additional horsepower and 8 lb-ft of torque at the rear tires after bolting on the new induction pieces.