KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
January 26, 2010
Photos By: Courtesy Of Holley

Horse Sense:
C'mon, now, you didn't seriously believe Nitrous Oxide Systems would be part of a project that doesn't involve juice, did you?

In our Feb. '07 issue, we filled you in on the '90 Mustang GT being produced by Nitrous Oxide Systems ("Boosted Energy," p.148) to compete against a Lexus SC 300 in Fuze Beverage Company's four-category performance challenge for domestic-versus-import supremacy.

The 'Stang has to prove its superiority over the ricer on the dragstrip, the drifting circuit, the parking lot (autocrossing), and in the show 'n' shine display paddock. This battle of preferences has been ongoing for what seems like centuries, so it will be cool to see how the competition plays out. Smart money is on the Mustang, all the way.

NOS engineers have put together a rejuvenated powerplant for their Fuze Fighter 'Stang that includes parts from the catalogs of nearly all of the Holley-owned companies- including NOS, of course-that will hopefully make it triumph over the Lexus.

In our initial report, we focused on the installation and dyno flog of Weiand's 174 supercharger system. The rules limit the GT to 600 rwhp, and its stock-block 347 covered more than half that amount (382 hp/352 lb-ft of torque) with the added bolt-on huffer and Holley throttle-body fuel-injection system.

We don't think this project car will be signed off as complete if it isn't influenced by nitrous oxide in some way, shape, or form; NOS decided to use its proven Cheater nitrous-oxide system to make up the horsepower deficit and bring the GT closer to the 500hp mark, which is enough power for the multitasking it has to do when it goes toe-to-toe with the Lexus.

Contrary to general-and uneducated-belief, adding nitrous to the supercharged engine will not cause the bullet's immediate demise. NOS says the Cheater kit, when jetted for 50 hp, is safe and will lower the blower's temperature. The lower temp promotes a denser air charge, which should tack on an additional 75 hp at the rear wheels.

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