Tom Wilson
May 1, 2006

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All testing was done on Brothers Performance West's in-house Dynojet chassis dyno. The subject car was BBK's in-house '05 GT, which was otherwise stock. Three runs were made in each configuration, and these are the best examples of each run (which varied little). Individually, the throttle body tested slightly better than the cold-air kit, but both offered about the same improvement over stock. Both worked over the entire rpm range, and together they formed a solid 20-plus-horsepower gain at the peaks and more up top. No electronic tuning was attempted; experience has shown it would also help considerably

Now here's something the old Two-Valve GT engines could have used-an intake manifold cover-up. Serving no other purpose than to improve the Three-Valve GT engine's looks, the BBK decorative intake plenum cover is offered at $199.99 in silver powdercoat as seen here, or $249.99 with a chrome powdercoating treatment. Installation is simple using four intake manifold bolts, and it can't leak!