Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 27, 2005
Prothane's new 4.6/5.4 engine mounts ($119.95 from Laurel Mountain) area direct replacement for the stock rubber mounts. Prothane also offersmounts for 5.0 Mustangs.

The saying "Out of sight, out of mind" often rings in my head when I'mdiscussing a vehicle's maintenance schedule. I'll be at an event,talking with an enthusiast about a problem with his or her Mustang, andI'll suggest a possible cause. The usual answer I hear is, "I haven'tchecked that" or "I hadn't thought of that." Weeks later I'll get ane-mail or phone call thanking me for the suggestion, as it fixed theproblem. So don't rule out something just because it may be difficult toinspect or it isn't part of the problem area.

Your Mustang's enginemounts are a perfect example of this. The rubber mounts that your engineand transmission sit upon weaken and crack due to age and exposure toharsh elements. This can cause, or amplify, problems elsewhere in thecar. We've seen dozens of Fox Mustangs with damaged fan blades becausethe worn mounts allowed the engine to sit too low, rubbing the fan intothe fan shroud. We've also seen tubular headers rattling againstframerails, shifters that buzz like a pack of angry bees, and wiringshorts, all because a rubber mount has lost the ability to do its solejob, securing the engine. And worn mounts can waste power by allowingthe engine to move instead of sending all its power to the rear wheels.

We took pictures of this Cobra while it was on a lift, but to get thejob done, you can use drive-on ramps or jackstands and a floor jack toraise the engine. The engine-mount retaining nuts need to be removedfirst. The passenger side shown here is easily accessed from the frontof the K-member.

Fixing the problem isn't a big deal, as it takes only a few bolts on theengine and the K-member to swap a mount on each side. A floor jack,jackstands, and some hefty sockets will get the job done. But do youreally want to install another set of rubber mounts only to have themdeteriorate again in a few years? Of course not. The simple solution isurethane. We replace our rubber suspension bushings with urethane allthe time, so why not the engine mounts too?

Prothane makes a completeselection of urethane performance mounting solutions (and has a catalogfull of suspension bushings as well) for Mustangs of all years andengine types. We called Laurel Mountain Mustang and ordered a set ofmountsfor a '98 Cobra, along with a newtransmission mount to do the job.Check it out.

*Originally published in March '05 issue of 5.0

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