Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 1, 2004

Horse Sense:
You know Pro-M has mass air meters in all manners of fuel-injector calibrations, but the company also has a ton of parts you probably don't know about, including custom computer chips, Fox fuel rails that miss the distributor, and even electronic fuel-management units that spike fuel pressure in response to boost on returnless-fuel-system cars.

Everyone knows that the cooler the air and the more air you can cram into your engine, the more potential you have to make horsepower. From the old days of turning air-cleaner lids upside down to allow more airflow into the engine to today's efficient fuel-injected powerplants where conical filters replace the factory "airboxes," nothing is as simple and straightforward as getting more air into your Mustang's engine.

There are many choices out there for what has commonly been call a "Cold Air Induction," or CAI. Several manufacturers offer CAI for the Mustang in plastic or metal ducting, with various filter-mounting locations and theories on airflow and thermal dynamics. Some kits leave the filter under the hood but mounted in an insulated housing, while others put the filter in the inner fender. Ductwork can consist of plastic, steel, aluminum, or other media, with each one having its own benefits and irritations. Plastic insulates better than metal, while metal tubing is usually less expensive and sturdier.

We've written about several of these kits in various testing and installation projects, but we've uncovered a new product from the mass air geniuses at Pro-M Racing. Their CAI kits for Fox Mustangs and modular-powered Mustangs take two different approaches but end up with the same result-an increase in the amount of air, pulled from outside the hot engine compartment, and delivered to the throttle body in the shortest, straightest path possible.

Take a look as we install Pro-M Racing's modular kit on a new GT and the company's Fox kit on one of our resi- dent 5.0 projects.

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