Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 1, 2002
Photos By: 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Archives, Courtesy of Manufacturers

Induction Dynamics Technology 331 Competition
IDT has been building stroker kits, short-blocks, engines, and more for seven years. There are two full-time engineers on staff with previous experience in such venues as NASCAR, CART, and IRL. Each stage of a short- or long-block buildup is carried out in-house on the company's machines for quality control at every step. Every block used in IDT short- and long-block assemblies is sonic-checked for cylinder-wall thickness and is also checked for microscopic cracks. After a four-step cleaning and preparation process, the block is bored with torque plates and then diamond-honed. Assembly is done completely by hand, with all tolerances verified and rod and main bearings sized to provide the best durability without sacrificing engine performance. IDT will even create custom crate motors and turnkey engines upon request.

IDT's most popular short-block package is its 331 Competition short-block. The 331 gets its displacement from a 4.030-inch overbore production 5.0 block and a 3.250-inch-stroke, 4340 forged-steel crank. JE or SRP flat-top pistons are fitted to 5.400-inch 4340 steel H-beam rods. The pistons use plasma-moly and cast-iron rings for optimum sealing and oil control, while Clevite 77 and Federal-Mogul bearings keep everything spinning right. The standard short-block also features an SFI-certified damper and flexplate and ARP main studs for $2,895.

If you prefer a brand-new casting instead of a used production block, IDT can put your short-block together with an FRPP A50 block for just $295 more. If you really plan to make some power and want a stronger foundation for your short-block, IDT can use an FRPP B50 block ($595 extra), a R302 block ($1,495 extra), or even an aluminum block. Furthermore, you can add upgrades such as billet main-stud girdles ($175-$300), windage trays ($55), multi-index billet double-roller timing chains ($80), and several connecting rod and piston upgrades as well.

Panhandle Performance 331/347 Superstreet Engine Package
Panhandle Performance is one of the few shops that not only can build a short-block (or long-block, or turnkey for that matter) completely in-house on its own equipment, but can also dyno the engine for you. If you choose, Panhandle can install the engine into your Mustang, and then chassis dyno and tune the combination, even to the extent of burning a custom chip for it. Now that's one-stop shopping! Panhandle's short-blocks are built one at a time to the customer's specifications, with horsepower and torque curves tailored to individual needs. In addition, every engine comes complete with a spec sheet that details clearances, torque specs, lubricants used, part numbers, and other pertinent information.

Panhandle Performance says its Superstreet 331/347 combination is its best seller with sales about even for the two displacements. While the Superstreet 331/347 is available as a complete engine (minus distributor and water pump) in both carbureted and EFI forms, the short-blocks are the same. The Superstreet short-block ($2,795) consists of a production 302 roller casting that is align-honed, with decks squared and cylinders bored with a torque plate attached. Other machining operations include oiling-system modifications, lifter-bore honing, and rod clearancing for the stroker kit.

Inside this pro-assembled block is a Scat cast-steel crank and Scat 4130 steel I-beam connecting rods wearing 31/48-inch ARP Wave-Loc bolts. For pistons, Panhandle provides the option of Ross, JE/SRP, or Probe flat-top pistons. Depending upon the piston choice, they are wrapped in either Speed-Pro, Childs & Albert, or Hastings file-fit plasma-moly race rings. The reciprocating assembly is held together with ARP main studs and rides on Federal-Mogul, Clevite, or King main and rod bearings. The entire assembly is then balanced to 28 ounces, while all reciprocating parts are balanced to one gram.

Options on the Panhandle Performance Superstreet 331/347 short-block include such popular choices as 4340 and billet steel cranks, Sportsman and R302 blocks from FRPP, main-cap support system, billet steel and aluminum connecting rods, dome or dish pistons, and gas porting of the pistons. There are further options when building up a long-block or complete engine, including rockers, timing chains, oil pans, balancers, and more. Of course, these are considered "base options" by Panhandle Performance. Further options depend upon the application.