Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 1, 2002
Here's everyone's problem-the stupid hood prop rod-especially on the '94 and up, where the funky bends really make it noticeable. It simply has to go. Hood Lifters are the answer to your problem.

Prop rods. Everyone hates them. But what can you do to keep your hood up for maintenance or when you show your pride and joy? For several years now, Interactive Systems & Technologies has had the answer for '79-'93 and '94-'98 Mustangs. However, owners of '99-and-later Mustangs were out of luck when it came to relieving the stock prop rod of its duties.

So, Scott Korwotney, principal at Interactive Systems & Technologies, went back to the drawing board and redesigned his Hood Lifters kit to fit the '99-and-later New-Edge Mustang. The new kit comes with the same great quality as the previous Hood Lifters and includes all fasteners, drill bits, and excellent instructions. Add in the IS&T lifetime warranty, and that these babies cost less than $80 (while saving your sanity), and it becomes a no-brainer that you should have these on your Mustang.

With all the work we've been quickly doing to our new '01 3g GT project, we were glad to hear that Hood Lifters were now available for the '99-and-later cars. We called IS&T for a set to install on the 3g GT in time for its second public showing. Due to the company's recent move to a larger warehouse and R&D facility, its stock of Hood Lifters was locked away in a semi-trailer. We were helped out by the fine folks at Mustangs Unlimited [(800) 243-7278] in this pinch, but by press time IS&T should be back up and running for shipping from its new digs.