Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 1, 2002
The LiveWires length is perfect for installation using the factory routing locations. The yellow jacketing also adds some visual flair and style under the hood (even matching our Cobra's topcoat).

If you're looking for a great custom ignition wire for your modular Mustang, you owe it to yourself to take a close look at Performance Distributors' 4.6 LiveWires. Designed as an integral part of the company's 4.6 Firepower Ignition system (consisting of coil packs, wires, and billet wire dividers), LiveWires are compatible with all stock and aftermarket ignition systems, allowing stand-alone installation as well.

According to Performance Distributors' Steve Davis, LiveWires will deliver a hotter spark for more complete combustion and do not promote electrical interference-great for onboard electronics and stereo equipment. The colored outer jacket is made from a heat-resistant glass braid and will easily stand up to exhaust temperatures, while being nonflammable. Chemicals can't hurt the outer sleeving, as it is noncorrosive as well.

The 4.6 LiveWires come in two applications. The Two-Valve (PN C9084) fitment retails for $125, while the Four-Valve (PN C9085) retails for $159. Both fitments can be ordered in blue, black, red, purple, or yellow sleeving and feature preterminated and individually numbered wires for an exact fit with no crimping or cutting involved.

In addition, we've used Performance Distributors' new billet looms (PN 9200), which retail for $75. These handy, sharp-looking looms help maintain the routing of the LiveWires and are really quite necessary since the LiveWires' nearly 1/2-inch diameter negates the use of the stock OE plastic looms.